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The Joy Of Thrifting With Holly Garritano


Embarking on the journey of thrifting is a passion that has become synonymous with Holly Garritano, curator of Seeds of Home. After the birth of her third son, Holly found herself spending more time at home and looking for a creative outlet that started out as changing around décor. She quickly learned thrifting offered more unique and affordable pieces as well as a means of getting out of the house.

With five kids (four boys and one girl), thrifting has become a family affair, from her Seeds of Home Etsy shop, the booth she rents at Whistle Stop Antiques in Ontario to showcase some of her finds (“My teen boys help lift things!” she says), and the weekends she and her husband, Greg, spend antiquing as fun getaways. What began as a creative outlet has blossomed into a means of making their home theirs as well. Holly says, “Our house is 95% secondhand finds. I can count on one hand how many items were bought new.”

In this guide for shopping secondhand, Holly shares insights to elevate your experience, turning each discovery into a piece that weaves into the fabric of your home.

Making the Most of Your Shopping Experience

Regular Check Ins: Make thrifting a regular part of your routine, taking consistent trips to stores. The landscape changes on a regular basis, and multiple visits improves your chances of finding unique treasures and staying on top of the rotating stock.

Local Estate Sales: Research and view photos online so you know what you’re looking for going in. Much like Facebook Marketplace, this may also be more viable than buying new and gives items a second life.

Antique Malls: Another great go-to with a ton of variety, antique malls are a perfect balance of options and quality, as the vendors offer a curated selection of items without overwhelming clutter. “You’re still shopping secondhand and supporting small business—a win, win!”

Scour Online: eBay and Etsy are two of Holly’s favorite online avenues for finding specific secondhand treasures. “Not only am I still buying secondhand, but I’m supporting a small business, and it’s much easier to find what I’m looking for.” Facebook Marketplace is also a gently used treasure trove, as items sell for much cheaper than buying new, and it’s more sustainable.

“My all-time favorite find is an antique dog portrait painting that I purchased from a friend on Etsy. It’s an old, tattered piece that brings an unexpected whimsical twist, and the wear and tear that time brings really gets me. It brings character and soul.”

You have new to you décor… now it’s time to style it!

Vintage Plates as Wall Décor: Plate hangers are inexpensive, allowing you to swap out plates for a timeless look.

Layered Look with Old Books: Place a small bowl or other statement piece on a small stack of books to create shelf styling with a layered, lived-in look.

Pair Pottery & Quirky Finds: “No two pieces are the same, and it allows you to make a space that’s uniquely you.” These can lean into an eclectic look, allowing individuality to shine through.

Give Old Books New Life: Use pictures from books as artwork! Carefully remove the pages you like, frame them, and you’re done. This is perfect décor for children’s rooms or filling in wall space you aren’t sure what to do with.

Dressed Down Dressers: They aren’t just for bedrooms—repurpose them for family rooms or dens, which create a homey feel and are great for storage. Use them for puzzles, games, craft supplies, and other odds and ends you don’t want on display day to day.

“I’m drawn to anything that’s old, no matter the style. The imperfections tell a story so much better than reproduced décor that’s made to look old.”

follow holly on instagram for more tips & inspiration: @Seedsofhome

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