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It's time to throw open the windows, welcome the breeze, break out our gardening gloves, and get back outside! With blooms abounding and an endless list of sights to see, at Home we're getting ready to make the most of what the Western New York region has to offer. A refresh is the perfect chance to shake up your home decor and curated. by Justin has exactly you're looking for. Explore Canandaigua with a number of fun activities and places to visit. Norah Pritchard is here to share gardening tips, fresh recipes, and her love of farmers markets! 

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MAY//JUNE 2023


MAY//JUNE 2023

Spring is here and whether you're getting your hands dirty as you show off your green thumb or packing your bags for a weekend getaway, there is always something new and exciting going on in and around Buffalo. Jurek Home Builders showcases their impressive array of local builds highlighting quality craftsmanship and expertise. Take a look at our Buffalo Faces section to find some of the best in the industry. Learn about homesteading with Dandelion Haven and take a trip to Canada with Anastasia from Busy Mama! It's time to get out and explore!

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