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Floral Design

Stacy K Ercan

Rochester's Face of Floral Design

Stacy K Floral

43 Russell Street, Rochester



Stacy Ercan, the mastermind behind Stacy K Floral, is as unique as her flower arrangements. An introvert by nature, she is layered in personality and interests. From her philosophy on life to her many hobbies and business endeavors, she brings creativity to everything she touches.

Growing up in Hammondsport on Keuka Lake, Stacy moved to Rochester after college and in 2006 launched her floral business as a way to bring joy to the community. This purpose still holds true more than 17 years later as it has grown and expanded to be a popular destination for all occasions.

“To me, flowers are bookmarks in our memories. They signify special moments that we hold onto, and in that way, they last a lifetime.” - Stacy K Ercan

As a wife and mom of two young children, Stacy manages everything with elegance and grace, diving into the details and pouring her heart and soul into each person, passion, and project she takes on. Once she gets into something, she immerses herself and goes all in with excitement and enthusiasm until it is complete. From managing and designing her Airbnb properties to coding the redesign of her website, she finds unique and innovative ways to use her skillset and has fun doing it.

As a business, Stacy K Floral works with several organizations throughout the community, including Autism Up and the Rochester City Ballet. As an individual, she often serves as a mentor for other women locally to help guide, support, and influence them in finding their passion and carving out a path to succeed.

Like Stacy, her floral business is continuing to grow with exciting new expansions on the horizon. As a fairytale girl at heart, she believes in leading your life every day with color and joy which she is committed to spreading to others through her work.

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