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The Foundation of Wellness: Self Love Club

Stephanie Genco loves long walks in the sunshine, avocado toast so loaded you can’t pick it up, a great cup of coffee, & a nice glass of wine. She loves adventures both “out on the town” and out in the woods. She loves meeting new people and trying new things. She loves routines: the way she practices gratitude, fuels her body, and the way she moves it in a celebration of strength.

As a wellness coach, blogger, and host of the weekly podcast “Be Well With Steph,” what Stephanie Genco really loves the most is helping others build healthy habits. Like so many, Genco tried multiple weight loss and fitness methods before finding the right approach. Growing up in a family that suffered various health ailments, she knew how important it was to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. What she discovered became her lifelong passion.

“I have always thought, ‘how can I learn more and how can I try more?’ I tried a lot of different fitness hobbies and diet plans while I was in college,” Genco says. “I found there was no one answer, no quick fix — it was more about how I continued to care about myself every day. So many people are focusing on the next trend instead of focusing on little things they can do every day that can make a difference.”