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Meet Kiko, Buffalo’s Most Popular Corgi

Dog mom and Corgi fan, Aryn Kraus had wanted a Corgi ever since grade school. (Cowboy Bebop, anyone?) So, Aryn saved up her money, finished school, and began doing her research.

“Corgis are hard to find,” says Aryn. “We found a little place out in Cobbleskill and went to pick him up. I remember it like it was yesterday. He was like this little, fluffy hamster; his ears weren’t even up yet. He was well worth the wait!”

| What’s in a Name?

Aryn and her husband Ryan are huge Bills fans, (Go, Buffalo!) so naturally, their new puppy needed a name to match.

“I got to pick out the dog, so my husband got to pick out the name. He named him Kiko after Kiko Alonzo, a Buffalo linebacker at the time.” The name instantly took. “The breeder said, ‘Oh, a linebacker…yes, that is going to work for him. It’s perfect.’ Kiko has that Napoleon, little-dog-thinks-he’s-a-big-dog syndrome. I have had other dogs, but these Corgis are so funny with their huge personalities!”