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From Doodle & Jack, With Love

Surviving the season as not only a mother but a local business owner can be an arduous task, but Danielle Dreyer has it down to a science while keeping the focus on what’s important through it all while running Doodle & Jack. In order to keep up and continue crafting, Danielle Dreyer offers tips that have helped her manage so far:

  • Make a list of most important commitments to plan and prioritize — let go of less crucial tasks and focus on what matters most. Become more efficient at your workplace and/or at home by delegating tasks!

  • Allocate “me time” to recharge with a short break, exercise, or relaxation.

  • Block out time for work and family life to maximize productivity. Dreyer says her phone is filled with reminders and calendar events to stay on track.

  • Simplify celebrations with young children. Keep activities to a minimum and choose those that are meaningful. Don’t overfill your winter “bucket list,” instead, focusing on a few events, and then if you have time, add more!

Dreyer says she cannot overstate the importance of keeping money within the local economy. Shopping with small businesses contributes directly to shop owners’ families, helping families send children to dance classes, sports games, etc. Local shops also feature unique gifts unavailable at big box stores. Dreyer says it’s nice to give one-of-a-kind gifts that support local artisans.

Developing community bonds with other local entrepreneurs has been a favorite of Dreyer’s through this venture. Various local companies collaborate with Doodle & Jack with giveaways and other support. Dreyer says, “I’ve also gained some great friendships along the way – the best bonus!”

A family-oriented small business with a small storefront in Dreyer’s Webster studio and a warehouse-like building in back, Doodle & Jack contracts with local seamstresses to help produce cozy custom apparel and accessories. All products are handmade and designed with love. Doodle & Jack leggings, skirts, bottoms, blankets, and more offer timeless pieces for customers and their little ones.

Check out Doodle & Jack’s leggings and other apparel at Find merchandise in small Rochester shops, such as Buffalo Bleached, Figgie Studios, A&H Wellness, AE Artisan Market in Irondequoit, and Chicke Baby & Kids Boutique in Pittsford.

Follow @danielle_dreyer_ and @doodleandjack on Instagram for more holiday fun!

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