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Meet Buffalo Mom Life Maven, Jessie Nelson

Jessie Nelson is a Buffalo native. Growing up in suburbs to the south, she’s always loved the comradery that the city and its people bring to the table. Now, Jessie lives in Amherst with her husband, TJ, and their three children. For the last ten years, she has been focused on raising her two daughters and son. While being a full-time mother, Jessie also has her hands full running a blog that inspires other mothers and homemakers to see the beauty and complexity of parenthood while enjoying the simplicity of life at home.

Make Me Wanna Shout highlights Jessie’s journey as a mother, homemaker, Interior Design student, and typical shopper who loves a good bargain find at Target. On her blog, one can find recipes, wellness tips, lifestyle pieces, cool finds, and tips and tricks related to motherhood and interior design. Those feeling a touch of wanderlust can even follow Jessie’s travels throughout the country!


Buffalo Inspiration

Living in Buffalo throughout her life, Jessie draws inspiration from the beautiful city and all it has to offer. She reflects on the friendliness of the people and their willingness to always help out when there is a need in the area. In fact, that’s why she started Make Me Wanna Shout. Jessie wants to help people—both in Buffalo and beyond—to find new ways to cook, drink, shop, travel, design their homes, spend time with their families, and more. With the hustle and bustle of the city and its medley of activities to try during the holiday season and throughout the year, you can see why the Queen City is a source of inspiration for Jessie and her blooming blog.

Like many families across the country, the Nelson family loves to take part in the traditions Buffalo offers during the holiday season. One of her family’s favorites is traveling to Niagara Falls for the annual Festival of Lights. Additionally, Jessie said her kids can’t wait to visit Canalside to ice skate and walk around the beautiful area while the snow is falling during the winter months. With Canalside’s kid-friendly atmosphere and its central location being within walking distance to several appealing restaurants and shops, it’s a fun and unique spot that the Nelson family visits quite often throughout the year.

A Creative Outlet

As vibrant as it is, Buffalo isn’t the only source of inspiration for Make Me Wanna Shout. As a busy mother of three for the past decade, Jessie started her blog as a creative outlet. While homemaking and parenthood have truly been blessings in her life, she wanted something to call her own that she could have fun with each day. She loves to assemble and take pictures of drinks, food, interior design ideas, shopping purchases, and her family. Jessie also appreciates the creativity that running a blog offers, using her own life in the creation of her blog’s content.

For the Nelson family, the holiday season also means baking cookies and making gingerbread Playdough!

Now the owner of the Make Me Wanna Shout blog and its Instagram page, Jessie has her hands full. However, she likes wearing many hats these days. She adores showing the world a piece of her life and the things that make her want to shout–whether they’re in her home, in Buffalo, online, or beyond.

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