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Marie Rachelle: Making an Impact for Buffalo’s Female Freelancers

Marie is the Buffalo go-to for all things freelance. Ten years ago, Marie Rachelle Pazych started her freelancing career in marketing, writing, and social media. As she’s learned more about the industry and faced challenges herself, Marie has become an advocate for freelancers’ rights throughout New York State and across the nation. Her mission is to create and assist the local freelance community in her hometown of WNY, and she hopes to see a ripple effect as she seeks to educate and provide resources for freelancers, and more specifically, females in the industry. Women in the workplace face many challenges, and the freelancing industry isn’t any different. Marie points out that freelancers are the smallest of the small businesses, and those in the industry deserve to be heard.

Companies expect workers to have several skills for little pay when they can, alternatively, hire people who are experts in their skill sets for a more cost-effective term. In other words, why not hire freelancers who have extensive experience and talent in their field instead of hiring one worker who has little to no experience in a particular aspect of their job? She states that the viewpoint needs to change, and as a result, more freelancers will be hired. Not only will this help the freelancing community, but corporations and startups will actually be more successful in the long run.