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Home for the Holidays at DL Home & Garden

As another year comes to a close, we hunker down to decorate, wrap gifts and get ready for the busy season ahead. Whether setting your table for Thanksgiving or getting the living room ready for the tree, preparing your home for the holidays is no small feat. No one knows this better than the experts at DL Home & Garden, who have been helping people decorate for occasions big and small since 2014.

From the holiday season to ordinary, everyday moments, your home is a special place to reconnect and celebrate with loved ones. As gatherings have resumed, we are craving connection at home and desiring our space to be comfortable, warm, and welcoming. How you do that is an art, and we turned to our friends at DL Home & Garden to give us some tips and tricks to help prepare our homes for the holidays.


“Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” shares Krissy Caputo, Interior Designer at DL Home & Garden. “Bring in warm colors, tones, and textures for the season that are complimentary to your existing décor,” she suggests. To take it up a notch, do it in a way that feels natural and fits your lifestyle. Add stunning crystal ornaments to the tree, use blues and teals to create a winter landscape, or bring in special linens and table settings – all of which can elevate a room.

She also says to keep the function of your space and needs for entertaining in mind. For example, if you have young children or are hosting a family with little ones, keep hard edges and breakable items out of reach, but experiment with adding pops of color or other fun, festive elements. “Try adding white twinkle lights around your centerpiece or pre-lit glass trees to adorn your mantle. The holidays are about adding that extra sparkle!” Caputo suggests.


While not all home updates are in preparation for the holidays, winter can be a popular time to re-evaluate your family’s needs and update your space. Since everyone’s lives have shifted so much in the past few years, the designers at DL Home & Garden are seeing customers gravitate toward natural, timeless pieces to create that warm, welcoming feeling all year-round.

Timeless Elegance: Many stores built up inventory in their showrooms because of supply chain issues and shipping delays. While DL Home & Garden is known for its wide selection of highly customizable furniture, they now provide many in-stock options that can be ordered as well as “take me home today” floor pieces as an alternative to waiting months for a custom piece. Custom orders are still available, though, as they believe all good things are worth the wait!

When buying furniture, select pieces that are timeless and elegant. Consider fabrics and shapes that are versatile and work well with many different styles. Consider recovering an existing sofa or chair, which can be a simple way to update the look without fully replacing a piece of furniture. These options tend to last longer and are a much more sustainable option as well.

Soothing Colors & Natural Elements: Create a calm, serene haven for your family. Neutrals and earth tones are showing up in a big way and green is everywhere. From soft shades like sage to bolder hues like evergreen, understand what you are most drawn to and experiment with color to update your space. Incorporate textures such as mohair, velvets, boucle, woodgrains, and shagreen. Incorporate these tones and textures, along with layers to create an authentic, natural feeling.

Organic Shapes & Movement: Be thoughtful about space planning and allow rooms to serve multiple purposes. Focus on the flow from one space to another and have the form of your furniture follow the function of the room. Leverage organic shapes that are fluid and soft such as curved sofas and chairs to create a welcoming feeling, as opposed to hard edges and straight lines.

who we are & visiting the showroom

Located in downtown Rochester, DL Home & Garden is a unique destination full of fresh designs and exclusive product lines. As a premier home interiors and furniture store, the massive 11,500 sq. ft. showroom is situated directly below its sister company, Designers Library, which has built a reputation as a go-to resource for interior designers over the last 30 years.

Owners Brian Coutu and Bob Bressinger, both Interior Designers and Industry Trade Experts, opened DL Home & Garden in 2014 to bring high-quality design and products to more local shoppers and expand beyond the trade. As true visionaries often do, they made something from nothing and turned a historic, industrial building that dates back to the 1800s into a design masterpiece. With original wood floors, tin ceilings and over 40 perfectly staged vignettes, visitors are sure to be inspired the moment they walk in.

DL Home & Garden’s friendly staff has a combined 80+ years of experience and are there to assist you with fabric selections, space planning and product specifications to help customize your home into the space you desire. They have endless access to all that the industry has to offer and will transform your space using a mix of new items from the store, custom pieces created just for you, or even give life to an old favorite. Combined, this elevates your space and creates a unique experience and cohesive design made just for you.

283 Central Avenue, Downtown Rochester

585.225.4663 | open m-f 10-5:30 sat 10-4

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