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Home for the Holidays at DL Home & Garden

As another year comes to a close, we hunker down to decorate, wrap gifts and get ready for the busy season ahead. Whether setting your table for Thanksgiving or getting the living room ready for the tree, preparing your home for the holidays is no small feat. No one knows this better than the experts at DL Home & Garden, who have been helping people decorate for occasions big and small since 2014.

From the holiday season to ordinary, everyday moments, your home is a special place to reconnect and celebrate with loved ones. As gatherings have resumed, we are craving connection at home and desiring our space to be comfortable, warm, and welcoming. How you do that is an art, and we turned to our friends at DL Home & Garden to give us some tips and tricks to help prepare our homes for the holidays.


“Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” shares Krissy Caputo, Interior Designer at DL Home & Garden. “Bring in warm colors, tones, and textures for the season that are complimentary to your existing décor,” she suggests. To take it up a notch, do it in a way that feels natural and fits your lifestyle. Add