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Chimney & Masonry

Ryan Gott & Jeff Kramer

Buffalo's Face of Chimney & Masonry

AAA Timberline

6670 Heise Rd, Clarence Center



Western New York natives, Jeff Kramer and Ryan Gott, co-own and operate AAA Timberline out of Clarence Center, accepting customer requests for work on their masonry, chimneys, and fireplaces.

The foundation of Timberline’s long-standing reputation is the superior quality of their work and excelling at customer service.

Ryan speaks to that fact by saying, “it’s easy to take for granted the skill set needed for masonry, but the difference between this just being someone’s job and what we do as a career is the detailed craftsmanship that shows in our finished product. The crews know this and they’re accountable, aware that everyone can see their work and they take great pride and responsibility in that.”

“If you take the time to truly listen to people about what they want and share your expertise with consideration - then contracting becomes easy for everyone... and what’s left is the execution of your craft. The result, typically, is that the homeowners become your biggest advocates and are happy to spread the word for you.” - Ryan and Jeff

At this time of year, AAA Timberline is just finishing the “indoor season,” installing fireplaces and new looks for hearth walls.

Jeff says, “Winter is a change of pace for us with everyone excited about working on hearth renovations and installing new fireplaces. It’s something we look forward to every winter, renovating based on homeowners’ ideas. These are the jobs where you team up to make a transformation that is very special to the people who live there, and you can’t beat that kind of advertising – nothing tops a homeowner’s ‘word of mouth.’”

Spring’s warmth means crews are gearing up and stretching their legs for the “outdoor season” of brick and mortar.

“After this brutal winter, we’re very happy with the number of calls and emails we’ve received already,” Ryan says. “That shows that people are out looking at what the weather did to their home.”

“Our techs are ready to work on some exterior masonry,” Jeff says. “We are still doing a lot of chimney sweeps and inspections, but it’ll be nice to go roof-top soon and be out in the summer sun.”

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