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Building a Community with Chelsey Zawadzki, founder of The Hive Coworking Studio

On a mission to find a supportive group of women with whom to share ideas, Chelsey Zawadzki built a niche community that inspires others through coworking.

Craving Connection

Following the isolation of the pandemic, Fairport resident and founder of The Hive, Chelsey Zawadzki found herself craving a space free of distractions and full of creativity where she could collaborate with others while working.

Zawadzki, who grew up on a farm in Wyoming County, relocated to Rochester seven years ago with her family and left her career as a vet technician behind to stay home with her then three-year-old daughter. She had a new city to explore, but admits she struggled to find a place to form strong bonds outside of the parents she met through her daughter’s school. “Aside from joining a mom’s group through social media or one of the local churches, there really wasn’t a great option in the community for what I was looking for,” she shared.

Coworking aside, she was really searching for a group of motivated, like-minded women with which to surround herself