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Adventures of Lolly

For Lisa Lander, or “Lolly” as her grandkids have coined her, every day can be an adventure if you put your mind to it! Lolly watches her four grandchildren four days a week for two of her four grown children in Rochester, NY. All under the age of five, she takes her grandkids on an adventure nearly every day they’re together. And their adventures don’t stop when the weather gets chilly, either. In fact, Lolly says, “there’s no bad weather, there’s only bad gear!”

How It All Began

Lolly’s been sharing her adventures with her grandkids on Instagram for some time now, but she was approached last year about creating a brand to inspire other grandparents who watch their grandkids. Lolly decided that having a website and blog could help create the support system many grandmothers need, especially during the pandemic. She shares that Rochester is great because of its ability to bring grandparents together, and she’s found a way to share her knowledge, too!

Encouraging Happiness and Play

Lolly shares that she wants her grandkids to be the happiest kids in any room. She encourages her grandkids to make messes, learn from their crafts and adventures, and engage in play. As a grandparent, she feels she can provide this fun, happy, playful, and adventurous environment and keep her grandkids engaged!

Inspiration & Other Ventures