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A Reason to Smile

The new year is the perfect time to reprioritize our health and focus on wellness after a busy holiday season. As we take inventory of our routines and set new habits into motion, we aim to reset our minds and bodies with the hope of a happier, healthier year ahead.

While renewing gym memberships and trying out new diets are usually at the top of the list, an important catalyst for better health that we must not forget about is our dental hygiene. Dr. Gregory White and Dr. Elizabeth Michaels of Pure Dental Buffalo encourage people to reprioritize oral health, especially after it has been neglected – either throughout the holidays or over the past few years due to changes in routine.

“Many people don’t realize that your teeth and oral hygiene actually have a big impact on your overall systemic health. When left untreated, gum disease can affect cardiovascular health or can contribute to systemic inflammatory diseases, respiratory disease, coronary artery disease and more. Having a clean and healthy mouth can really affect your whole body,” advises Dr. White.

Regardless of your dental needs, Dr. White and Dr. Michaels say nothing beats routine dental care. Simple habits such as brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist twice a year can have a significant long-term impact and prevent bigger problems.

Together, Dr. White and Dr. Michaels help patients get back on track to better oral health. Their focus on combining implant and cosmetic dentistry has transformed the lives and smiles of hundreds of people in Western New York. Through innovative technology and a patient-centered approach, they are removing barriers such as the fear and anxiety that is traditionally associated with going to the dentist – especially when significant surgical work is needed.

“For patients in need of oral surgery, just getting here is key,” advises Dr. Michaels. Although many patients experience anxiety and are embarrassed to take the first step, the treatment team at Pure Dental Buffalo is extremely welcoming and accommodating to address a wide range of dental needs in a judgement-free, stress-reducing environment.

We’re Not Comfortable Unless You Are

With 3 locations throughout New York, Pure Dental Buffalo is the newest branch, bringing the highest quality of dental care to Western New York. Described as more of a spa-type atmosphere than a dentist, Pure Dental is ahead of the curve with providing ultramodern dentistry. They provide implants and other surgical needs such as extractions and oral surgery and provide a unique offering called the Four Ever SmileTM. The practice is constantly embracing the latest innovative technology and modern dental procedures to better serve patients.

Pure Dental’s patented technology, the Four Ever Smile™ transforms the process for patients to get new, permanent teeth. This is particularly helpful for those facing terminal dentition, where teeth are in very bad shape and need to be removed or replaced. Typically, these patients would need a different implant treatment that takes 6 – 12 months and involves many logistics, office visits and a lot of anxiety for the patient. By contrast, Pure Dental’s approach can be done in a single day and patients leave with a new, vibrant smile, which removes much of the fear and anxiety typically associated with this type of procedure. Using technology, they deliver a streamlined, digital experience that even leverages 3D printing to create a new set of teeth that are customized and more comfortable for the patient. This approach is faster, more affordable and longer lasting than the traditional approach.

Pure Dental

6599 Main Street

Williamsville, NY 14221


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