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Winter Capsule Wardrobe from Belle of the Ball

Local blogger, Buffalo resident and middle school teacher, Abby Widger, started Belle of the Ball in 2013 as a creative outlet to share fashion trends and tips. Fashion has always been a big part of her life, and, after almost 10 years, she continues to use her blog and social media as a place to share more about her personal style, travel adventures, and lifestyle.

Inspired by her mom (who is still her photographer today!), Abby and her mom have always bonded over fashion. She loves how it spans beyond what you wear and believes that finding your personal style builds confidence in yourself and how you present yourself to the world.

From a young age, her style has always been preppy and classic with a modern twist. She loves trying new trends and incorporating them into her typical wardrobe. When looking to purchase something new, she encourages people to look beyond company websites, sharing “there are so many bloggers and influencers online that share details beyond what the item looks like on a model.” One of her favorite things about the blog is being there for her readers to answer questions and share honest details about the pieces – or helping them rediscover a new way to wear something that is already in their closet.

When it comes to the holidays, she encourages people to have fun with their style and use it as a time to incorporate elements such as bows, sparkle, plaid and other festive touches. Here, it is always important to add an element of warmth, so she suggests experimenting with layers.

“Lately I’ve been loving layering with dresses which are the perfect transition pieces for the holiday season. I’ve seen so many adorable outfits lately adding a turtleneck under a dress or layering a sweater over a dress for added warmth,” shares Widger.

Where do you go for inspiration? "Most of my style inspiration comes from social media! I love being able to follow and interact with so many people around the world on a regular basis. I especially love Pinterest and could scroll on the app for hours! Many of the friends I have met through blogging have become some of my biggest inspirations not only for fashion but also as role models in life."

What do you love most about the holidays? "I view the holiday season as a time to focus on what truly matters and I’m very close with my family so it is wonderful to spend time together. It’s fun to take a step away from a chaotic life and enjoy the simple things like baking cookies, a fresh snowfall, or a cozy movie night. The holidays to me are a time to reset and focus on the important people in life!"

Where can we see more? "Visit my website for more outfits and tips: or follow me on social media (Instagram, TikTok, etc.)


Mix & Match to create outfits for daily life, weekend events and holiday celebrations!

• Black turtleneck

• Affordable cream sweater

• Cable knit cardigan

• Camel J Crew Coat

• Affordable version of winter boots

• Over the knee boots

• Sateen knotted heeled sandals

• Over the knee boots


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