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What’s Cooking?

Grilling brings out the best in food. Charcoal is still my favorite, but I know many people cook on gas grills. Either way, it’s a no-frills way to cook and to enjoy the outdoors. Turn on some tunes, grab a cold beer (or beverage of your choice), and fire up the grill.

Have you ever had drunken chicken?

Drunken chicken involves cooking on a can (a beer can, that is). After washing, cleaning, and patting the chicken dry, season it how you like. Rub some seasoning on and under the skin.

Make sure to empty or drink half the beer so the can has space for steam. Hold the bird upright with the body cavity at the bottom and slid it onto the beer can. Pull the chicken legs forward to form a tripod so the chicken stands upright. It looks like the chickens are dancing on the grill. If it looks like they are grooving to the tunes you’re playing, maybe you drank too much beer!

It's good to laugh and have fun, especially while you’re cooking.

Grilled veggies are always a good side. Here are some suggestions. Cut up and combine any or all of these: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, rainbow carrots, yellow squash, zucchini, garlic, and onions. Toss with avocado oil and sea salt. Put them up in a grill-safe pan and roast them on the grill (or in the oven if you prefer).

Corn roasted on the grill with Italian sausage is another tasty meal. Don’t forget to share your favorite grilling recipes with us!

On another day, when the grill is cool, here is a DIY grill cleaner recipe with safe ingredients. Some cleaners can be toxic, and we don’t want toxins seeping into our food, environment, or lungs.

DIY Grill Cleanser:

¼ cup baking soda

5 drops of Lemon essential oil (Note: Not all brands are good quality)

Distilled white vinegar

Eat well, stay well, and enjoy!


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