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What Indoor Plants Should You Add to Your Bedroom?

Are you ready to jump on the indoor plant bandwagon? While they’re certainly aesthetically pleasing, they also offer many surprising health benefits. Indoor plants can improve your room’s air quality, reduce stress, fatigue, and anxiety, improve focus, and can even ease dry skin and reduce headaches, according to Swansons Nursery. So, what indoor plants should you add to your bedroom? Let’s look at four plants that are easy to care for.

1. Snake Plant

The snake plant is one of the top purifying plants! It needs bright, indirect light and the occasional watering. When you place your snake plant in a large, beautiful pot, it will grow big and tall and add some dimension to your bedroom.

2. English Ivy

English ivy helps get rid of toxins in the air and has even been shown to help people with mild allergy symptoms experience some relief. This plant requires regular waterings as well as moderate light. English ivy can grow beautifully if you stick with its upkeep. You can swirl your growing ivy around a bookcase or a windowsill for a gorgeous look in your bedroom.

3. Spider Plant

A spider plant will remove harmful chemicals while purifying the air in your bedroom! This beautiful plant needs the occasional watering as well as moderate to bright light to keep it growing. These plants are easy to take care of and look great whether you sit one on a tall plant stand or hang it from your ceiling or a sturdy curtain rod. Add a touch of color by hanging it from a handmade macrame potholder! This plant will liven up your bedroom for sure.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another top purifying indoor plant that releases oxygen throughout the night! Not only this, but aloe vera plants produce a juice that can help soothe skin after it's been mildly burned or scratched up. This plant needs indirect, bright light as well as the occasional watering. This interesting plant will look fantastic in a large, decorative pot on a bookshelf or bench in your bedroom.

Adding indoor plants to your bedroom will give you new responsibilities, but they’re worth it when you see your gorgeous plants flourish! Plus, they’ll add some greenery to your bedroom, and you’ll be able to pick out fun potholders and hanging planters to hold them. Happy growing!

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