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Sustainable Celebration Swaps

Planning a big celebration or event can be such a crazy hectic time that sometimes we may forget how important it is to keep sustainability in mind. Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to make your big day more tedious. Here are some simple steps you can take to celebrate with friends and family while also having peace of mind that you did it in a way that won’t harm the environment! Whether you’re able to achieve everything on this list or just one thing, making an effort to be sustainable makes all the difference. Enjoy your big day knowing you did what you could to keep both your guests and the planet happy!


Your party’s décor can be a huge factor to keep in mind when making your event eco-friendly. Save money and reuse your bridesmaids’ bouquets as table centerpieces. Thrifting plates and glassware is a fun way to make your event unique. Avoid anything that will just be thrown out at the end of the day. Ditch the balloon arch and opt for décor that can be recycled or reused.

Seed Favors

Party favors can also be a big source of paper waste. If you want to give something to your guests at the end of your event, why not make it something that will positively impact the environment as well? Seed packets are a thoughtful gift that will provide guests with a growing memory of your special day!


One simple way to make an impact is in what you wear. Instead of buying suits or tuxedos, have the groom and groomsmen rent them. With this option you will still have high quality, but will most likely pay less and know that the suits will be reused by many more to come. It is also totally attainable to get a bridal gown secondhand these days. Not only are there local stores to search, but online options such as Poshmark and thredUP offer people selling beautiful pieces they have only worn once. You’ll feel good that you’re helping the environment and not breaking the bank at the same time!

Venue + Vendors

If your big event is a wedding, one place to start is with the venue. Choose a venue that cares about its carbon footprint. Asking questions like whether they offer recycling bins on-site and with rentals is a great way to gauge where they stand from the start. Being thoughtful on which vendors you hire is also important. Another major factor when it comes to big celebrations is catering. Try to find a catering company that provides you and your guests local, ethically-sourced ingredients. Getting alcohol from local wineries and breweries also helps reduce the day’s carbon footprint. Ask your florist to shop locally and for seasonal flowers. And try to suggest ride-sharing or provide transportation for guests to ride together and take fewer vehicles.


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