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Spring Into New Home Designs

If there was ever a time to revamp and revitalize our living spaces, it’s spring 2021. With tumultuous 2020 finally (finally!) over, we might have seen more of our living rooms than we ever thought we would. Maybe it’s high time to tackle some redesign projects and make our homes spaces we want to be in, rather than have to be in.

This spring, expect to see design trends rolling out with bold patterns, high contrast, texture, and overall coziness. Spring is the perfect time for a refresh, and we love the look of combining unique colors and patterns built around your equally unique personality.

Coastal textures give the appeal of natural wood, as well as the bright colors we associate with the season. If the coast isn’t what you’re looking for, toss in a mix of metallics or geometrics, and play with color gradation. These trends are best used in low doses (think less is more!). Allow for a splash of color and conversation pieces. Even something as simple as a new throw pillow for the couch or replacing a lamp on a nightstand can go a long way!

In December 2020 Pantone announced the Colors of the Year for 2021 are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a lively yellow). Not only do these colors pair nicely together and balance one another out, but consider what they’re often associated with: gray is a neutral color often tied with being conservative and sophisticated, and the luminous yellow is tied with happiness and enlightenment, and—you guessed it—spring!

If redecorating brings color, color and more color to mind, Pantone offers some suggestions for playing with those colors, whether you are planning to paint an accent wall or all four! Blues and greens can be fresh, invigorating, and dramatic. When used in kitchen cabinetry, these hues stand out boldly and can create quite the high-impact statement. (While the usual advice is to not go overboard, consider what personally appeals to you and your personality!)

Favor warmer hues? Yellows and oranges contrast with cool tones and add brightness and energy. (The 2021 Color of the Year Illuminating has even been called “an optimistic yellow, offering the promise of a sunny day.”) Experimenting with these hues adds pops of color that do well when paired with earth tones, giving you that feeling of spring, even when the weather is anything but.

Spring blossoms, too, meet us with an array of colors: blue skies, pale green grass and multicolored perennials making their comeback. Tulips and pansies add their pinks and purples which can create beautiful bursts of color in your home! These vivid and exciting colors are beautiful accent pieces that can add some striking and inviting character to your living room.

Play with the contrast of colors! Find what is not only appealing to the eye, but to your tastes and your home. Can’t decide on one? Try out shibori, a trend we’re expecting to see more of this spring as it focuses on more washed-out dyes and blends—think of a take on tie-dye that isn’t quite so bold or psychedelic.

Lastly, the scheme of any room can always be tied together with some grounding neutral tones. Earthy tones create a sense of comfort and relaxation in the home. Versatile as they are, these colors never go out of style. Those bursts of color, whether they’re purple or blue, pink or yellow, emerge more when combined with muted beiges or even grays.

Whatever trends you opt for, be sure to choose the ones that best catch your eye and showcase your personality!



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