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Sipping with Rochester Locals

MEL ORIOLI, @feedmeroc

Mel Orioli of Feed Me Rochester has worked in the social media industry since 2014 and is now a content strategist full-time. Inspired by a presentation at work years ago, Mel decided to start her own Instagram page to showcase local businesses and restaurants in the Rochester community and Finger Lakes Region. Passionate about small businesses, Mel uses her platform to help them become known to a wider audience.

Since her Instagram page has taken off, a growing number of businesses in the Rochester and Finger Lakes communities have partnered with Mel. She works with local home bakers, hosts giveaways for small businesses, and highlights new menu items. Mel also networks with other food influencers in the area.

Mel recognizes that Rochester is a tight-knit community, and she works to get businesses and restaurants the recognition they deserve! As a remote worker, Mel’s always trying out different places around Rochester to sit and work. This has led her to many coffee shops and cafés in the area!

mel’s go-to drinks

• A delicious iced matcha latte from Anyone’s Cafe in the South Wedge

• A refreshing iced coconut green tea from Village Bakery</