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Pink Friday Sparkles in WNY

In the vibrant communities of Western New York, a unique fusion of community spirit emerges every November, drenching the town in pink while keeping #ShopSmallFirst in focus.

Pink Friday, set for this Friday, November 17th, 2023—just a week before Black Friday—shines a spotlight on "Shop Small First." It's a special celebration in Western New York that blends the essence of supporting small businesses with the spirit of Pink Friday, offering a refreshing twist to the traditional Black Friday rush.

"Pink Friday is an annual November event with a clear mission: #SUPPORTSMALLFIRST. It's about putting community over competition before the big shopping days," shares The Boutique Hub.

During this period, communities rally together to champion the idea of prioritizing "shopping small first" by backing local businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs. For small businesses, often challenged by larger retailers, this event becomes an opportunity to flourish amid the holiday shopping frenzy.

By the 1980s, the name "Black Friday" had gained traction and spread across the United States, marking the day when retailers traditionally moved into profitability or "into the black" for the year due to the surge in holiday shopping and today, Black Friday is considered one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Originating in 2010, Small Business Saturday, an initiative by American Express, aimed to encourage consumers to support local small businesses. Over time, it gained momentum across the United States as communities embraced the concept of bolstering local entrepreneurs and retailers. However, in 2020, Ashley Alderson, CEO of The Boutique Hub and the visionary behind Pink Friday, advocated that shopping small should come first, before the season's major shopping days.

This event is more than just about helping the local economy. It brings people together, creating a strong sense of unity and support within the community. By encouraging customers to choose local stores, it emphasizes the importance of investing in our communities and working together for everyone's well-being.

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