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Panache, Consignment by Natalie Rae

Nestled within Brighton Commons, there exists a one-of-a-kind shopping haven known as Panache. Stepping through its doors, you’re not just entering a boutique, but a destination that reflects a unique vision. This vision was born in 2010 when the founder, Joan Lincoln, embarked on a mission to craft an unparalleled shopping environment—one that showcased sustainable luxury and vintage women’s clothing and accessories. Come December, Joan will be passing the torch to a great friend, transferring leadership to Natalie from Natalie Rae NY. Joan says, “Sustainable fashion & home furnishing is... Newly CHIC! I’m proud to leave this extraordinary product in the capable hands of Natalie Rae to carry on for the Rochester Community.”

Panache isn’t just a boutique; it’s a champion of sustainable fashion and home furnishings. In an era when climate change beckons for responsible consumerism, Panache stands tall as a beacon of conscious shopping. With the baton passed to Natalie Rae, the legacy lives on, embracing this responsibility with grace and style.

Natalie’s fresh concepts and boundless energy promise to invigorate “The Happy Corner” at Brighton Commons. Her passion lies in repurposing textiles into handbags and home décor. Her vision aligns with Panache’s evolution, introducing items like a new travel bag, bucket bag, and a slimmer version of their popular tote bag, all of which will be exclusively available at Panache Home in December. Visit her online store at: or follow her on IG & FB @NatalieRaeNY.

Natalie shares, “I love interacting with my customers, getting to know them, explaining the process behind my products, and finding the perfect piece for them. These being my favorite parts of the business will translate well at Panache!”

Joan herself couldn’t agree more: “Natalie’s energy and ideas are a true gift.” It’s a beautiful blend of their two worlds, where Joan’s legacy seamlessly merges with Natalie’s aspirations, spelling out a promising path for Panache’s continued success.

Their connection is more than just business. Joan has become a guiding light and friend to Natalie. “Joan’s advice has been priceless,” Natalie admitted, highlighting the special bond that has formed.

Natalie has embraced the chance to take the reins. “Becoming the new owner is a dream come true,” she exclaimed, her excitement palpable. She envisions infusing the store with her personal touch, leading to the decision to rename it “Panache Consignment by Natalie Rae.” Natalie will be at the clothing store every Tuesday and Thursday, meeting new and existing clients and customers and helping them find what they are looking for!


with Joan Lincoln

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Panache:

I was born in the Finger Lakes and return weekly to visit family. I have three married daughters, four grandsons, and a wonderful man in my life who supports my crazy lifestyle!

When I opened Panache in 2010 my vision then was to create a unique shopping environment that was a destination for the most unusual sustainable luxury and vintage women’s clothing and accessories.

I absolutely love what I do and love Rochester!

What’s the most important thing in a business and what makes Panache unique?

I believe in good old-fashioned customer service! My reputation is to always be a fair and honest business owner.

Panache has been recognized as the Luxury Consignment Boutique of The Greater Rochester area. Our reputation has reached beyond Syracuse and Buffalo Markets as well.

How did you get into the industry/field?

I have been in the Retail and Image Industry in the Rochester area since I moved from the Finger Lakes in 1980.

What inspires you to come to work every day?

Every time I unlock the door to my small business makes me proud. I love it when customers say, “They love Panache!” and they need a little “Happy” in their wardrobe or living space. I also love that the resale sustainable part of my business might leave this earth a better place for my grandchildren.

How do you get involved in the community?

I have said “yes” to every charity fashion show opportunity, donation request, and service-oriented inquiry. For without your community, who opens the door? I have been a board member of the Brighton Chamber of Commerce, where the Town Supervisor labeled me a “Serial Entrepreneur” after opening my third business. I’ve also been the recipient of The Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year, recognized for my Dress for Success contributions, and on the brainstorming team that launched Fashion Week of Rochester.

What is new this year for your company?

The transfer of ownership of Panache Consignment to Natalie Rae which makes me so excited! Her new concepts and energy, those changes will bring renewed vision to “The Happy Corner” at Brighton Commons.

What is the most important thing someone should know about Panache?

Sustainable fashion & home furnishing is… Newly Chic! Fortunately, climate change is teaching us all to shop resale more than ever. It is a recession-proof industry and I am proud to leave such an extraordinary product in the capable hands of Natalie Rae to carry on for the Rochester community.

How do people consign?

We are a luxury, high-end, designer-label women’s boutique. Appointments are required to consign items. The collection we offer is curated from some of the best local closets and deliveries from areas such as NYC, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Florida.

What’s your tagline?

At Panache you can always get… more ooolahlah for your moolahlah!!

with Natalie Rae

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company Natalie Rae NY:

I’ve been a small business owner for the last 6 years and moved back to my hometown Rochester from NYC mid 2020. My business Natalie Rae NY brings you products with the rare, unique, dying arts and crafts of the hill tribe people and artisans of Vietnam. Our collection includes everything from purses, backpacks, pillows and more.

This year I got married at The Lake House on Canandiauga! I love living in downtown Rochester, doing all things local and being able to walk to everything. I’m a big fitness girl and a cycle instructor at Spoke Cycle and Fitness. I love the community there and it’s become one of my favorite hobbies and outlets.

I graduated from Niagara University so I have many friends in the Buffalo area. We often do daytrips or weekends in Buffalo, especially during football season, Go Bills!

How did you meet Joan from Panache?

I met Joan when I first started my business, Natalie Rae NY, through mutual business owners. We started to collaborate in 2018, when I was able to sell products in Panache Home. In 2020, I started modeling Panache clothing and pairing my products from Natalie Rae NY for advertising and social media. We collaborated on the runway for Fashion Week Rochester with my handbags, clothing, and Panache clothing. Joan has been a great mentor and friend to me over the years!

What are you most excited about in the year to come for your business? What’s your favorite part of your job?

I am very excited to become the new owner of Panache Consignment Clothing and Panache Home! My favorite part of my job is repurposing one-of-a-kind textiles and turning them into handbags and home décor items. I also love interacting with my customers, getting to know them, explaining the process behind my products, and finding the perfect piece for them. These being my favorite parts of the business will translate well at Panache!

What’s your biggest goal for Panache?

My goal is to grow the business, expand the client base, and go digital by giving customers an opportunity to purchase online.

I also decided to add a personal touch by naming the store “Panache Consignment by Natalie Rae” and incorporating a new color palette.

What’s your proudest accomplishment/moment in the business?

One of my proudest accomplishments was having 16 models on the runway at Fashion Week Rochester. Seeing all the hard work and long hours on creating each look head to toe come to fruition on that runway is a moment I will never forget! I also have been honored to receive a few awards for best in show at art festival events over the years.

How do you get involved in the community?

I love to participate in local events and organizations. I have been involved with many women-owned organizations, donated products to raise money for charities, judged at Home Start Hope’s Tablescape, assisted in hosting an event for the Cancer Support at Gilda’s Club. I also teach beat-based cycling at Spoke Cycle and Fitness and am a current member of the Brighton Chamber of Commerce. I look forward to continuing a relationship with Dress for Success through Panache Clothing.

What is new this year for your company, Natalie Rae NY?

This year I have introduced several new pieces including a travel bag, heart shaped purse, bucket bag and a smaller version of our tote bag, which has been a customer request! I always take my customers’ requests into consideration. The biggest change for Natalie Rae will be that all my items will be available to purchase at Panache Home once I take over the store in December. I will scale back on pop up events and sell mainly in the store and online. You can visit me until then at the Letchworth Arts Festival, Chistkindl Market, and Roc Holiday Village.

What is the most important thing someone should know about Panache?

If you have never been to Panache, it is a unique store, unlike any other consignment store. Our clothing is highly curated, and you can see the quality of the clothing, accessories, and home goods when you walk through the door.

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