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One Day Garage Floors

Has your garage floor started cracking or peeling? Are you frustrated with epoxy coatings which must frequently be replaced due to damage? Local, family-owned and operated Apollo Concrete Coatings can transform your damaged or lackluster garage floor into an eye-catching one with a strong, attractive polyurea-polyaspartic top coat. In just one day, your concrete floor can go from vulnerable, cold and dull to durable, vibrant, and exciting!

What is Polyurea-Polyaspartic Coating?

Polyurea-polyaspartic material is an impenetrable defense against the elements. Concrete is an unfinished, porous material that will wear and crack if left untreated. Unlike epoxies which simply sit on top of concrete, polyurea-polyaspartic bonds with concrete and cures it, using the moisture content of the concrete to “grow roots” beyond the surface. Thanks to this bond, pulyurea-polyaspartic does not peel, crack or blister like epoxy and DIY coatings.

“Our process uses the Penntek Coating System, a recognized leader in innovative concrete sealers and coatings. The Penntek Coating System offers the highest standards in performance and longevity, providing you with the highest quality concrete floor repair,” says Apollo Concrete owner, Russell Bickert. In fact, the product is so resilient, it comes with a 15-year warranty.

This industrial product is making quite a splash both in the commercial and residential markets with its rubberized finish and highly durable surface. With its high quality and variety of colors, polyurea-polyaspartic coatings are ideal for concrete garage floors, basement floors, patios, porches, and even pool decks. Penntek’s latest Polurea-Polyaspartic product features low odor and even more durability! Quickly drying and curing, a surface is completely ready-to-use after only 24 hours!

A Local Family Business

Originally established as a drywall business, family-owned and operated Apollo Concrete Coatings was founded by owner Russell Bickert’s father in 1976 and has been serving Western New York for 45 years. In 2002, Apollo established its successful painting division. After adding its Apollo Concrete Coatings division in 2004, Russell Bickert took over leadership of Apollo when his father retired in 2008, and the company moved away from drywall and painting, ultimately transitioning completely to the superior Penntek polyurea-polyaspartic in 2014. Now, Apollo completes several hundred floors each year.

Already well-known for attention to quality, Apollo Concrete Coatings was honored as Penntek’s Dealer of the Year in 2017, 2018 & 2019, coming in 2nd in 2020 only because of having to suspend business due to COVID. “My late brother and I worked for my dad when we were Apollo Drywall. We have always been a family-owned business; honor and quality are who we are.”

“Our long history in the area also means we are well aware that a WNY concrete floor must be constructed to sustain the salt exposure present in the extreme winter weather and must also contain UV protection for the summer months. In addition, it should be chemically resistant, stain-resistant, and made of anti-slip materials.”

Photo Worthy Results!

Customers are loving their new Apollo floors! Joy Russell, Bickert’s fiancée, Director of Apollo’s HR, and Regional Manager for Rochester, says that people are posting photos of their new Apollo floors with captions like What a difference a day makes! “Many people spent a lot of time sitting in their garages, creating office spaces in their basements; they are appreciating a new surface that enhances these spaces.” Durable Penntek polyurea-polyaspartic coatings come in 19 standard color options with the ability to create custom color combinations to suit all tastes and styles, from traditional gray and tan shades to variegated colors like tan with pops of red.

The Penntek distributor and certified dealer for Western and Upstate New York, Apollo has put down roots in Rochester, led by Joy Russell, Matt Prieur (Vice President), and Carl Szydlowski (Director of Operations), completing more than 100 floors last year. Apollo has the coating experience, expertise, and professionalism you need for your concrete surface. Call today for your free estimate!

Russ & Joy Answer Your Flooring Questions!

Are Apollo floors easy to clean? Yes! It is smooth and abrasion resistant. It is an industrial product. If you get something like oil or most chemicals on its surface, you can simply wash it off within a couple of hours, no scrubbing required!

. . .

What if my concrete floor has cracks? Don’t worry! We are often able to make repairs to concrete floors to create a smooth surface before putting the coating on. You usually will not need to replace your concrete floor first, saving you money!

. . .

Is salt a concern? Once you have locked in your concrete with our coating, it is not going to deteriorate anymore. However, if sandy tires are continuously driven on its surface, it will essentially “sand” it, dulling the finish.

. . .

What about epoxy coatings? Many of our competitors are still using epoxies. An epoxy top coat may be a little less expensive, but they do not last long, coming with a year warranty if any! Polyurea-polyaspartic lasts a lot longer due to its adhesion rates and its durability through New York freezes and thaws as well as the variations in our hydrostatic table. We combine superior Penntek products with proper preparation and close attention to quality.

Buffalo NY: 716-649-7992 • Rochester NY: 585-510-6070

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