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Navigating Wellness with Jennifer Fedus

As winter fades and spring approaches, the challenges of the new year may linger. With goals stacked high, pursuing wellness can feel like an uphill battle. If you live with chronic illness, striving toward wellness can be particularly challenging. Jennifer Fedus, wellness coach and founder of 123 Momsquad, knows that battle well.


Jennifer Fedus specializes in helping women achieve their wellness goals.


Jennifer’s journey toward wellness began when she contracted mononucleosis as a teenager. A high school sophomore at the time, Jennifer was hit hard by the virus.


She says, “I could not function, and it was hard to fully come back from that.” Recovery, she said, took months. “I was forced to become homeschooled. I had to quit dancing—something I had done and loved since I was three years old. I suffered major identity issues.”


It took over six months for Jennifer to heal from the virus, and that was only the start of the health challenges she faced. Soon afterward, she was diagnosed with kidney stones, which led doctors to uncover a diagnosis of medullary sponge kidney disease. At just seventeen, Jennifer learned she would suffer from this condition forever.

The physical pain of the condition, challenges of navigating the healthcare system, and struggles to hide her ailments from friends and family became isolating for Jennifer who explained that “no one could understand what I was going through.”


For years, Jennifer navigated her health challenges with pain and grief, often alone and feeling like her problems were all in her head. But one day, that changed. She says,

One of Jennifer’s biggest motivators was her children. After years of bad days, she wanted to be her best and show her kids she could conquer anything, and by extension, they could, too.


Today, Jennifer continues to live with medullary sponge kidney disease and its challenges—to date, she has had six abdominal surgeries—and she continues to battle lupus, gastroparesis, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune conditions. However, Jennifer has developed vital strategies for navigating her health challenges, and now helps others work toward wellness, too.


Jennifer’s top tips for those working toward wellness include focusing on mindfulness, practicing resilience, and understanding that achieving your goals takes time. She says, “Listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Setting unreachable goals will overwhelm you.” Instead, Jennifer recommends setting daily small, measurable goals. “Doing one little thing per day will fulfill you more than listing all the things you did not accomplish,” she says.

Mental health is a crucial part of reaching your goals.


Jennifer emphasizes the importance of reframing challenges in a positive way. For example, instead of using the word “struggle” to define her health journey, she prefers the word “battle.”


Understanding you are worthy of health and wellness is crucial. Jennifer says, “Women and mothers often put themselves last when working toward wellness. You must remind yourself that you are worth it. You will quickly lose your identity if you don’t stay true to yourself, who you are, and what brings you joy.”

reconnect with your best self

Find what brings you joy. Music and movement are great medicine.

Both get your endorphins going and put you in a good place.

  • Find a supportive community online or in person that understands your specific challenges and where you can share openly without being judged.

  • Give yourself grace, rest, go for a mall walk with a buddy on bad weather days, head to a coffee shop to visit with a friend, etc.

  • Connect with nature (even in the cold months)

  • And, more than anything, have fun!

Favorite tools & resources

One of Jennifer’s favorite wellness tools is the inspirational quote app “Motivation” for a daily dose of encouragement.

As a podcast host, Jennifer also finds inspiration in hearing from the wisdom of other leaders in the wellness space. Her favorites include The Rachel Hollis Podcast (advice from a successful mom and entrepreneur), The Mel Robbins Podcast (life, personal development, goals, best self), and On Purpose with Jay Shetty (a former monk offering life insights and wisdom).

For women seeking a safe space and community while working toward wellness, Jennifer offers a private Facebook group. This month, she is also launching a membership for people who want extra support toward their goals.

Jennifer advises it is never too late to start working toward your goals. She says, “Live authentically and never let anyone dull your sparkle. You are never too old. The timing will be there when it’s right. Believe that you have the power.”

Visit Jennifer on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and at

Join her private community, 123 Momsquad: Secrets for Thriving with Chronic Illness, on Facebook. Catch new 123 Momsquad Podcast episodes every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, + Spotify


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