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My Favorite Summer Feast

This is the time of year for grilling and chilling. Make memories with your loved ones. I remember my favorite summer feast.

What a perfect day. Outside is calling, but first preparation begins in the kitchen.

The family feast is today. Hooray! Each person has a portion to contribute. I am always asked to bring the deviled eggs, potato salad, and dessert. Everyone has agreed that I make deviled eggs the best.

It’s time to drive to the destination with the designated dishes. Welcomed with warm hugs and tropical music in the background, everyone gathers in the backyard. There is a game of cornhole going on. Some are grazing on appetizers of carrots and celery with ranch veggie dip. Others have a plate of seasonal fruit, including strawberries, raspberries, and kiwis.

Daddy is the grill master. The homemade charcoal grill is ready. He heats the coals with his leaf blower. Artistically, he paints his homemade barbeque sauce on the perfectly seasoned baby back ribs. Thick, juicy Angus beef burgers are added, some topped with American cheese. Lastly, he adds red and white hots.