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Meaux Co Pro: Nature + Science = Skincare

Esthetician founded and formulated Meaux Co. Pro is where nature and science unite to create the latest advancements in clean, vegan professional skincare. All Meaux (pronounced “moh”) Co. products are uncompromisingly cruelty-free as well free of extra and unnecessary synthetics.

“We protect the earth just like we protect your skin barrier!” says Meaux Co. esthetician and founder Sash Moreaux (pronounced “mor-oh”). “We use sustainable, recyclable containers. We are also package free, have a plastic free initiative, and are currently about 95% plastic free. Our products themselves are herbal and botanical.”

Women owned and operated Meaux Co. was made by estheticians for estheticians. In fact, Sash Moreaux and her staff currently teach skincare classes, training other estheticians in Meaux Co.’s skincare protocols. Available online, Meaux Co. offers both a professional grade, concentrated natural skincare line as well as high-quality natural skincare products for the discerning consumer. Both lines provide truly active and transformative skincare.

Ready to say “helleaux” to healthier, more radiant skin? Our iconic Laceaux (pronounced La-soh) liquid exfoliant will leave you saying, “Oh!” as you experience the skincare product of your dreams!

Laceaux is 10% lactic acid, the most hydrating of the acids. It is also vegan and gentle on your skin. Laceaux is an excellent exfoliant, permeating into areas that need the most hydration, helping you awake to fresh, dewy skin. Ceramides help maintain your skin’s natural barrier and kill fungal breakouts while aloe vera—a mild antiseptic—calms, hydrates, and soothes skin irritation. Laceaux users tested experienced phenomenal results such as more even complexions, refined pores, reduced signs of aging, reduced hyperpigmentation as well as a healthy natural “gleaux!”

Ready to get yours? Shop online at

1879 Whitehaven Rd. #3013, Grand Island

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