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Let’s Get Thrifty!

Shannon Polojac started thrifting long before it became a fad. The Buffalo native adores browsing estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, and vintage stores for one-of-a-kind items. She loves the individualized style that every vintage piece brings to the table. Plus, it’s good for the earth.

Since being locked up at home during the pandemic, Shannon decided to start selling vintage items she found, and it has grown into both a hobby and a side hustle she loves!

Shop the Greenhouse

Before moving, Shannon collected all types of vintage items. However, since moving back to Buffalo from Florida about ten years ago with her two boys and dog Winnie, she says she’d like to think of herself as more minimalist. Now, she mainly looks for home décor items, such as artwork, shelves, furniture, vintage plant pots (like McCoy pottery pieces!), mirrors, and anything else that catches her eye!


Thrifting Therapy

While Shannon’s sisters will send her ideas and her friends will occasionally accompany her to a thrift store, (whom she calls her “fellow vintage nerds”), she usually attends garage sales, flea markets, and other places where she discovers unique finds by herself. She reflects that shopping alone gives her the time and space to sift through items that draw her attention. Plus, going by herself is easiest and allows her to decompress. Shannon coins it “thrifting therapy!”

Shannon’s Décor Tips

- Real plants are the best. They make a room feel fresh, clean, and alive.

- Funky mirrors can open up a small space while adding another dimension.

- Mix textures. The juxtaposition of mixing leather, metal, and a soft neutral can be a nice surprise!

- Got neutral walls? Colorful, textured home décor pieces add a pop of color to any space.