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In Full Bloom with Stacy K Floral

Spring brings joyful anticipation to our hearts and homes as we await warmer weather, budding plants, and sunshine galore. Leading the charge to help us incorporate fresh design elements this season – that are also sustainable – is the esteemed team at Stacy K Floral. From weddings and events to interior styling for local homes and businesses, there is nothing the team at Stacy K can’t do when it comes to refreshing design to bring joy to all who experience it.

As a success story in exquisite celebrations and green living, we turned to the experts at Stacy K Floral to share what we can expect to see this year and how they are doing it all with sustainability in mind.

A Resurgence of Everlasting Beauty

Over the last few months, there has been a trend of people turning away from live plants to favor everlasting pieces with a hand-selected mix of dried and preserved flowers designed in beautiful arrangements. These may be small for tabletops or large faux wall displays. The team at Stacy K creates one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are unique and everlasting. Many can be found in local businesses! This is a more sustainable option as the arrangements do not get thrown away and instead are enjoyed for many years, while adding a unique flare customized to the home or business.

Color is Everywhere

Thrilled that color is finally coming back, Stacy beams when talking about this trend. As someone who expresses herself through color, she is excited for all the bright shades making their way into homes and events this season. Design trends in every industry point towards rich, beautiful colors such as bright shades of pink like fuchsia and magenta, rich reds and oranges, and unexpected greens. When it comes to incorporating color into a space, she advises people to find small, simple ways such as through throw pillows or accessories. This gives you the opportunity to swap them out often and introduce color without painting. You can also take a bolder step by using removable wallpaper or painting just one wall in a room. These can be great ways to try new colors without feeling fully committed.

Warmth Through Seasonality

Incorporating seasonal elements provides a fresh look that is also sustainable. Consider using a vessel with a few base elements that stay the same and swap out 3 or 4 flowers each time it needs an update instead of buying a whole new arrangement. Stacy encourages people to add fresh plants and foliage into their space as it is great for your environment and even purifies the air in your home! Or, if you prefer faux, you can add seasonal touches such as little red anemone, greenery for the holidays, or branches in the spring. “You can really get creative with it,” she shares, noting “with everlasting botanicals, you can bring color in but keep that feeling of having living materials with low maintenance, even if you don’t have a green thumb.” The team at Stacy K creates one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are unique and timeless. Many can be found in local businesses! This is a more sustainable option as the arrangements do not get thrown away and instead are enjoyed for many years, while adding a unique, custom flare.

More Than Just a Local Flower Shop

Established in 2006, Stacy K Floral was born out of her desire to be creative and bring joy through design. Her love for creating beautiful and memorable experiences has impacted the lives of many – and she is just getting started. With new retail products, open space to design, and more design offerings on the way, Stacy K Floral redefines what it means to be a florist in the area, with no design challenge too big or small for the team to tackle.

Built to Last

Although most people don’t typically think of a florist as a leader in sustainability, it’s only because they haven’t yet heard the story behind Stacy K. Located in the century-old Factory Building, the local Dutton family redeveloped the property with all green intentions. The 1910 brick warehouse was completely transformed, retrofitted with geothermal energy, and upgraded to include energy-efficient windows. It now houses retail shops, restaurants, workspaces, and housing. The flower display cooler Stacy K uses is even from the 1920s and has been restored to be much more efficient and effective than those found on the market today.

Beyond the walls and mechanics, the team at Stacy K Floral does its part as well, limiting the use of floral foam products, using green mechanics, purchasing supplies from local vendors, consolidating driver delivery routes, and encouraging customers to bring in their own containers to refill with new floral arrangements.

As icons in sustainability, florals, and design, the team at Stacy K Floral is ready to take on a wide array of creative projects.

Expanding in Space & Capabilities

While they are most known for their breathtaking floral arrangements and eye-catching installations, the team at Stacy K blooms in even more areas of design with a new expansion that transforms the definition of what a flower shop is. This spring, the brand has expanded its physical footprint by acquiring 4500 sq. ft. of additional space in the studio on Russell Street. Here, they can do even more of what they love – design beautiful things and bring the community together.

With more space to create, there are no limits to what design challenges the Stacy K team can help with – going beyond just florals and even entering the design and décor space. The expansion helps their event production be more efficient, showcase stunning everlasting installations, feature an expanded line-up of home décor products, provide a comfortable place for friends to gather over a cup of coffee, and even serve as a working studio to create new designs alongside customers.

Inspiring Creativity

In addition to featuring a handful of small, local businesses in the shop, the new space serves as an incubator for local creators and entrepreneurs to share their craft with the community. “It was terrifying to open a store; that first leap is a really hard one. I want to give someone the opportunity to take that leap without the fear of a long-term lease,” shares Stacy.

This isn’t just her vision for collaborating with others, but her mantra within her own business as well. Recently she shifted her full-time employees to a four-day work week, giving them time and space to focus on their own craft or small businesses, which many have. “Most creatives have multiple forms of showing their creativity. This allows them to do their craft and execute their personal art while still contributing here in a big way,” she explains.

Stacy K Floral

43 Russell Street, Rochester

(585) 244-1414

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