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Loving Fall Right on Rochester's Park Ave

There are many ways to love fall right on Park Ave in Rochester! Here are some ideas to consider while you’re getting cozy this autumn season.

1. Grab a Coffee Drink or Fall-Inspired Cocktail at Cafe Sasso
Photo from Cafe Sasso on Facebook

Cafe Sasso is known for their coffee drinks and cocktails! Enjoy a latte, iced coffee, or cappuccino with an autumn-esque flavor shot, like pumpkin, caramel, or vanilla. You can also enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, a piping hot tea, or warm apple cider. Cafe Sasso’s unique cocktail menu has some fall-inspired items, too. Try Fiona’s Apple or The Dude for the full fall experience!

2. Taste a Flaky Croissant at Baker Street Bakery

Across the way from Cafe Sasso sits Baker Street Bakery. This bakery is small in size but offers a beautiful variety of baked goods, including cupcakes, scones, croissants, and plenty of bread options! The fall season calls for trying warm breads with rich butter or creating a breakfast sandwich of your own with a flaky and delicious croissant!

3. Use High-Quality Olive Oil from F. Oliver’s f