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Empowering Women One Babe at a Time

Buffalo Boss Babes’ Director, Danielle Pietrocarlo, strives to create a community for women that is genuine and authentic

Five years ago, Carrie Rinehart attended a networking event in Rochester and immediately knew that something similar was needed for women in the Buffalo community. From this, the idea for Buffalo Boss Babes was born. She set out to create a group where women could feel empowered, motivated, and inspired. That vision still holds true with Danielle Pietrocarlo, who currently runs the organization and strives to connect with other women and share ideas – but this community of remarkable women has become so much more than that.

In the Beginning

Buffalo Boss Babes started as a blog and social media feed that featured local women and grew from there. The group now hosts monthly events and quarterly speaker panels where women share their stories with the hopes of inspiring and empowering others. Different from other networking groups and events, there is no membership fee and little to no cost to attend the events.

“We try to build something that is genuine and authentic to help women in Buffalo to connect without judgment or incentive. It takes courage to go somewhere when you don’t know anyone. We don’t want to make it more difficult, so we try to make it a natural environment without a high cost,” shares Danielle.