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Fashion In and Out of the Office with Arrianna Hart

Whether she’s wearing a pink, mid-thigh, belted wrap dress or a more office-friendly crisp white blouse, silk ankle-length skirt, and suede, heeled boots, Arrianna Hart (Arri) looks positively stunning.

An attorney and fashion blogger, Arri finds ample opportunity in both her professional and personal life to inspire with business and casual looks. Originally hailing from the Bronx, this NYC native was first drawn to Buffalo when she attended Canisius College. It was there her interest in fashion blossomed.

“Even though the warmer months are often limited in Buffalo, I began paying a lot more attention to things like my dresses and shoes, etc.,” Arri recalls, calling it her first move towards fashion and trends. “I was focused on getting good grades; however, I found I enjoyed the outlet of fashion and creating a look.”

Arri characterized her look at Canisius as “preppy,” a personal style she feels was influenced by the college’s atmosphere. Arri found her look shifted when she started law school at the University of Buffalo (UB).

“I began to style daily looks and document the outfits I would wear to class,” says Arri. “My style of dress at UB was a little more ‘toned down:’ more business casual but with a slight edge. It wasn’t as loud or bright–very different than when I went home for the summer and spent time with my two brothers downstate.”

It was during her first year at UB that Arri started her fashion blog. Featuring outfits she wore to class or work, playing tennis, attending barre, and more, her blog began to thrive.


Like many creatives, Arri finds inspiration for the looks she creates from people and places around her. She particularly credits her mother.

“My mother has a lot of great pieces from her college days, including pieces from designers like Apothecary and Tommy Hilfiger. They are really cute!” explains Arri. “When I think of timeless, I think about her closet. I would wear one of her vintage sweaters, for example, and people would ask me about it all day.”

Arri also draws inspiration from the City of Buffalo itself. Aside from her love for the community, Arri reveals how drawn she is to the many beautiful spaces and places around the city. From gardens to murals to architecture, Buffalo overflows with locations that are more than Insta-worthy.

“Some of the architecture and the gardens around Buffalo are absolutely breathtaking,” Arri says. “Places like the Delaware Park Rose Garden and the Clement Mansion are beautiful places that people visiting the area really should check out. They are great places to take photos!”

Buffalo’s beauty has influenced Arri in an unexpected way. “Buffalo has encouraged me to slow down a little bit more,” she says. Arri feels she’s always on the go and can’t miss anything in her professional life, so Buffalo’s beautiful spaces and places inspire her to take a little more time to enjoy her surroundings. “For example,” Arri says, “I went on a tour of the Knox Mansion recently. I always thought the mansion was beautiful and an interesting piece of history, so I took the time to go and explore. I do that a lot more here.”


Always put on clothing you feel comfortable in. “We see others wearing a certain style or look, and maybe when we try it on, it doesn’t translate the same way,” Arri observes, “Yet, we still think we need to wear it or dress a certain way because it is a trend. No. Find a style that suits you and that is comfortable for you, because when you do, it translates as authentic to others and radiates confidence. Fashion should be fun!”


Tortoise Shell Accessories Everything from clutches to glasses

. . .


Deeper colors like rich browns, bright reds, and other warm tones

. . .

Heeled Mules or Tapered Flats My favorite are the ones with a strap in the back

. . .

Add Little Pops of Unexpected Color Try bright pink or saturated purple to add vibrancy to a look

. . .

Boots & Booties

“I love a heeled bootie that finishes at the ankle, maybe with a rounded toe, paired with a longer dress, a pair of slacks, or even jeans. It really draws attention,” exclaims Arri. “I also love riding boots. One of my typical fall looks for going to the office is a riding boot (or other knee-high boot) paired with a dress. It looks effortlessly polished.”