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A Premier Dining Experience.

Al fresco dining is is coming this summer to the Red Osier Landmark Restaurant!


The elegant eatery’s tastefully redesigned interiors will soon be matched by more than 1,000 square feet of outdoor patio space and surrounded by delightful flower gardens and attractive new landscaping.

The spacious restaurant grounds will soon welcome a custom pavilion and outdoor lounge, complete with comfortable outdoor furniture, a cozy firepit, chic umbrella seating, and enchanting views that invite guests to look up at the stars. A new specialty outdoor bar will offer fun and festive drinks not available inside, such as wine slushies, Jose Cuervo, canned beverages, and more!

Able to accommodate 60+ guests, the Red Osier Landmark plans to open its outdoor seating this August, holding a grand opening for its new patio dining space, complete with a pavilion, by mid-September—just in time for football season! Football fans are invited to watch the game on the restaurant’s new 67” outdoor TV while enjoying delicious food from the full dinner menu. (Let’s go, Buffalo!) Stop in on game nights to cheer on your favorite team or come on Fridays & Saturdays for live music on the patio!

This entire space has been christened the Valerie-Lynn Memorial Outdoor Patio in honor of co-owners Steve Foster and Tim Adam’s respective late aunts. “They always supported us in all our decisions throughout our lives, and we dedicate this space to them.” The two plan to plant lovely flowering trees in their memory. Flanked by impeccable gardens overflowing with blooms and meticulously maintained lawns complementing the freshly painted building, the patio will also feature the Stafford Fire Department’s Corvette Go Kart to be displayed in its rafters.

Rainy day?

Indoor dining areas have returned to regular food service protocols, and the attentive staff is ready to assist you. Ready to cook for you, one of the restaurant’s talented chefs has recently become the new head chef, leading the kitchen with her excellence and vision.

Look for our food trucks parked around the community at Dublin Corners Farm Brewery, Darien Lake, Genesee Country Farmers Market, the Genesee County Fair, and more!

Food truck bookings are limited.

Call today to bring the mouthwatering flavors of the Red Osier Landmark Restaurant to your party or event!

6492 E Main Street (Rt. 5), Stafford | 585-343-6972 |


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