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A Festive Table on a Dime

Presentation is king when it comes to setting a memorable holiday table, and it needn’t be daunting or expensive. Here are some essential tips that will garner rave reviews at your next gathering. Start by scouring the house to see what you can mix and match to bring your table to life. Don’t be afraid to ask parents or grandparents for family heirlooms that they may be willing to part with.

One of the best investments you can make is solid white porcelain dishes. You can get them for a steal at most places and they’ll take you through every season. For a fun twist, layer them with whimsical holiday plates. Solid red napkins add a pop of color, and when placed under the plates, there’s no need for a runner or placemat.

Wooden reindeer, real pinecones, and mixed greenery take the textural feel to the next level. Snips of spruce or boxwood trees from the yard up the texture, and best of all are free.

Details make all the difference. Adding personal place cards is a great touch that makes everyone feel special. How about adding a surprise lottery ticket to the bottom of a random plate? Sometimes a winner, and always a hit!

Mercury Glass It’s everywhere these days. From trees to pumpkins, to candlestick holders, it’s timeless and transitions well from season to season. __

Mix and Match Don’t be afraid to mix metallics. This gold flatware purchased second-hand, is a standout. __

Be Resourceful Think outside the box. These heavy metal pinecones are confiscated from an old cuckoo clock. Add some freshly clipped greens and you’re good to go. __

Add Interest with Height A mix of faux and metallic pine trees give your table the height it needs. Be sure to place them strategically so your guests can easily see one another. __

Experiment Pinterest is a great place to get ideas. Take a stab at different napkin folding techniques and see what suits your fancy. __

& Where to Splurge This dining room table is a restored farmhouse table. It seats 22 people when all leaves are in. If you’re going to go all out, do it here and know that it will be enjoyed for generations to come!

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