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7 Fabulous Fall Reads, Bookstores & More

The leaves are turning vibrant colors and falling off the trees. What a perfect time to grab a book, turn a page, and read! Engaging stories can be found in bookstores, libraries, online, or on your own bookshelf.

As an author and writer, I love reading and writing books and poems. Time seems to stop when I am in a bookstore, library, or sipping a hot beverage at a coffee spot while digesting a succulent story. A quaint café can be a cozy place to order a latte and lose yourself in an intriguing book or read cuddled up on the couch.

Are you a bookworm? Here are good reads for fall and places to find them in addition to our local libraries. Looking for that perfect ‘round-the-corner bookstore, check out…

The Bookworm - East Aurora

Turn the Page - East Amherst

Talking Leaves - Buffalo