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The GLA Team: Lori Jimenez

Lori Jimenez, Architectural Associate

Jump onboard with Barndominiums! GLA fresh talent Lori Jimenez brings a West Coast urban vibe to her work, including this fun architectural trend. The go-to for rustic design, Lori offers a new perspective across designs including barndominiums where clients want a barn/storage space below (or connected horizontally to) their living space. Driven by its structural shape and barn features, rustic barndominiums can help reduce one’s expenses and footprint while maximizing space. From classic white and black to stone and exposed beams, this trend adapts to a range of tastes and budgets.

Lori is currently focused on a spectacular farm sanctuary featuring an animal rescue barn, a winery, a B&B, a dining greenhouse and more. The first organic winery in the United States, this endeavor is dear to both the client’s and Lori’s California wine country hearts. Barn-centered architecture is quickly taking root across agricultural New York regions rich in resources and natural beauty.