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The GLA Team: Daianne Osorio

Daianne Osorio, Architectural Associate and Interior Designer

Daianne Osorio brings together the best of two worlds, architecture and interior design, when working on both residential and commercial spaces for GLA clients. Notably different from interior decorating, Daianne’s background in interior design enables her to visualize and plan a home’s interior spaces and floor plan as well as give interior recommendations and help clients make interior selections. Daianne has the invaluable gift of being able to consider both structural and design considerations throughout the process of creating plans for each home, rather than addressing interior design concerns at the end.

Color plays a key role for Daianne when considering the activities that will be performed in a given space. “I like to focus on what color means and its effects psychologically.” She explores the interplay between the purpose of a space and the mood created by colors. Whether a home, a restaurant, a daycare, a salon, or even the Strong Museum of Play with which Daianne was involved, color and interior design play vital roles alongside architectural design.

Step inside Daianne’s 360 rendering of a custom home interior!

Daianne is currently putting both her interior design background and her architectural design prowess to work, blending the two seemingly disparate styles of modern and cabin for one of her clients. “It is a challenge to make the space logical as well as attractive.” This modern cabin fusion is an exciting opportunity, and Daianne is excited to watch it come to life.

Soon to be a mother of three, Daianne came to the United States from Cuba in 2016, bringing with her a rich background including traditional Spanish architectural and vibrant color palettes. Her exceptional bilingual abilities have often been—and will continue to be—a valuable asset, as well. Balancing both architectural and interior design, both modern and traditional aesthetics, color palettes both vibrant and muted, Daianne brings an enviable array of talent and experience to the table.


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