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Styled by Maggie Elizabeth

You may have heard that when you look good, you feel good. For Rochester personal stylist and fashion blogger “Styled By Maggie Elizabeth,” this is more than just a mantra. It’s a way of life. “It may sound silly, but fashion means a lot to me,” explains Maggie. “It’s a way to express yourself and create a mood for your day. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful!”

Maggie, a Rochester native, recently returned to her family and cool New York roots from the tropical heat of Miami. Her current wardrobe balances style and functionality to match her mommy-to-two-little-girls lifestyle. Throwing out the rulebook and inspiring those around her, Maggie Elizabeth’s casually chic style fits her day-to-day, coffee-to-wine life in any situation, whether warm sunny beaches or frozen snowdrifts. According to Maggie, personal style develops along with the stages of your life. “My style and sense of fashion are ever evolving,” Maggie reflects. “Through high school, then college, my 20’s, and now as a new mom in my 30’s, my style is constantly changing. As a mom, available funds have changed. I now love thrift and secondhand shops, and I host clothes swap parties. What no longer works for a friend might be just what you are looking for!” Always sought out by her friends for fashion advice, Maggie credits them with inspiring her shift to become a personal stylist. “My friends told me they would pay for the kind of style tips I give them, and also, that they would follow me if I posted my outfits and style advice,” Maggie recalls. “So, a little over a year ago, I started doing just that, and now, I have thousands of followers. I offer virtual e-styling, closet consultations, styling for engagement and family pictures, a personal shopping experience, help creating outfits from your own wardrobe, tips for your body and help finding your personal style!” Mood and comfort level play a major role in Maggie’s outfit choices. “I dress for the mood I want to be in,” Maggie says. “If I want to be confident and bold, I might wear a red lip and all black suit. If you feel good in what you are wearing, that confidence is going to exude from you. If you don’t, it will show through as well, no matter how beautiful the garment is.”

Need a little help finding style inspiration? Maggie Elizabeth has some great tips to get you started! 1. Shop your closet. You do not have to go shopping to find new and creative ways to style what you already have. Maggie recommends decluttering your closet by giving away pieces that you do not love, do not wear, or that no longer reflect your style. Then, start fresh. There are no fashion no-no’s here. “Fashion is a form of art,” says Maggie. “There is no wrong way to do art or look at art. You have to love what you’re wearing!” 2. Create a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a paired down, essential collection of clothing items that you love and that mix well with other pieces in your closet. These are the pieces you will use the most. For example, it is helpful to have a pair of light color jeans, dark color jeans, and black jeans, but they have to suit you. “One of my clients is a fun, exciting, ambitious Latina whose clothing read ‘old lady,’ and not in a good way. It didn’t match her style, and she knew it,” shares Maggie. “She loved this really teal mint green color. We revamped her closet, getting rid of the items that were not her and adding ones she loves.” 3. Find inspiration. There are many places to find fresh ideas. “Look online and see what brands and designers are modeling,” says Maggie. “Browse Pinterest for every day outfit looks. When you find something you like, shop for something similar. Don’t forget to look in your closet first to see what you already have.” 4. Ready for spring? What’s in this spring? “Colors!” says Maggie. “There is a fresh color palette for every season each year. After 2020, I am really looking forward to a fresh start with a new palette. For spring this year, it is softer pastel tones, and I love it!” Pastel tips for men? “Work this palette into your existing wardrobe,” advises Maggie. “Find pastels that flatter you. Then, try laying out your outfits as you mix and match.” 5. Maggie Elizabeth’s Spring Go-To’s: While she finds ways to wear pieces year-round (Cue her “How to wear a summer maxi dress in the winter” blog!), there are some warm weather pieces Maggie is looking forward to. “Strappy heels remind me of the sun, beach, and happy times!” says Maggie. “I love a good sandal, how simple they are. A two-strap sandal is so chic and elegant they can elevate any outfit. You do not need to have a lot of everything. There are essentials to fashion, and anyone can be stylish.”

“You only get one first impression,” advises Maggie. “Your clothes and your fashion are a huge part of it, so wear clothes you love.” "For spring, think color, pastels, florals, white jeans (it’s an up north thing), denim jackets, sneakers, Easter dresses and bonnets. Well maybe not the bonnets but if you can werk it, own it! “And if you’re really trendy, shoulder pad tanks, wide leg jeans, spring color matching sweat suits, and mid-drift flossing will be all the rage for you this spring." As many people continue to work from home due to COVID-19,Maggie insists putting together a daily outfit is still important. “Even if you simply put on clean leggings and a t-shirt, it is something you do for you and you alone,” she shares. “It can set the mood for your day. During quarantine, I had weeks where I didnot do this. Then, I began getting dressed every morning. I wouldn’t even put makeup on, but my mood was instantly better. This is really the key to feeling confident: you have to dress for yourself.” You can find more about Maggie Elizabeth’s services, styling inspiration, and everyday outfit details here at



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