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"Spruce" up the Mantel & more with Buffalo local, Emily Fee!

Style maker and influencer Emily Fee offers up her tips and tricks for bringing creative mantelpieces to life just in time for the holiday season! Plus, take a peek at her family’s favorite holiday traditions!

Holidays are a break from the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life. They’re also the time during which we gather around the fire on a cold night as we sip our hot cocoa. A decorated mantel also adds a personal flair with an echo of peace on earth.

Mantel Decorating Tips!

  1. Soft tones paired with a burst of color make this fall mantelpiece a focal point without being overwhelming!

  2. Even without the traditional red and green scheme, this classy neutral palette still feels merry and bright! Wood carvings add depth without being too aggressive.

  3. A colorful wreath helps to ring in the new year with metallic tones. Metal and crystal can help offset greens and cast a warm glow for the holidays.