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Spring into Sustainable Gardening

There’s no better way to “spring” into gardening this season than with a sustainable focus, not only in the type of gardening you’re doing but also the way in which you do it!  It is important to garden with the intent of working with, not against, nature – and to think sustainably by reducing unnecessary waste.

Eco-Friendly Practices for Gardening:

  • Tools Matter: To be eco-conscious in gardening and lawn management, opt for battery operated and corded tools over gas power to cut down on emissions. And purchase a sturdy set of gardening tools you can use year after year.

  • Save H2O: Plants need water, and there is a looming water shortage for humans within the next 10-20 years. Invest in a barrel to catch rain water. If possible, put the barrel below your gutter and collect water to use to water plants later. 

  • Bloom on Repeat: Instead of buying new flowers each year, preserve annuals so they continue to pop up (while also reusing your pots!) Dig up flowers and pot them, moving them indoors for seasonal care depending on the type of flower.

  • Organic Fertilizer: Landfills receive over 10 million tons of leaves, grass, and trimmings each year, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Don’t bag them up (which removes valuable nutrients from your lawn!), but instead use them as mulch in your gardens and flower beds. Or leave grass clippings on the lawn – they decompose quickly and they’re healthy for grass growth.

There are many ways to practice eco-friendly gardening, and these are just a few. April showers bring May flowers, and 2024 can be the beginning of your new environmentally conscious way of gardening!


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