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Remembering the Sweetest in Buffalo: Mary Alloy

When we think of “Sweet Buffalo,” with its positive, inspirational stories of hope, love, and kindness, we think of Mary Alloy, a devoted mother of four and the proprietor of Just Pizza & Wing Co. in Amherst, who was known not only for her successful business but, more importantly, for her boundless compassion and generosity towards animals, children, and numerous charities in the Buffalo area and beyond.

One of Mary’s remarkable contributions was the groundbreaking idea of putting shelter dogs on pizza boxes—an initiative that gained international recognition. In 2020, Mary eagerly embraced the opportunity to collaborate, defying usual constraints faced by businesses in advertising. She eagerly awaited the arrival of each batch of flyers featuring the adorable, adoptable dogs. The campaign took flight, facilitating the adoption of countless dogs and cats. The impact was so profound that even a television station from Germany traveled to Just Pizza to interview Mary, capturing her infectious joy and unwavering commitment to animal welfare.

Mary’s kindness extended far beyond her efforts for animals. She selflessly provided free pizza and food for various causes, including parties for children battling cancer, young patients at Oishei Children’s Hospital, and schoolchildren who displayed acts of kindness. Just Pizza’s countertop always hosted donation boxes overflowing with contributions for her favorite charities, a testament to the community’s appreciation for her unwavering support.

During the pandemic, when small businesses faced unprecedented hardships, Mary continued to exemplify compassion. She generously distributed $50 gift certificates to those who adopted shelter dogs, ensuring that both humans and animals found solace and companionship during trying times.

Even in the face of her own battle with stage 4 cancer, Mary’s indomitable spirit shone bright. When her illness took a turn for the worse this spring, her family questioned the custom of waiting until someone’s passing to shower them with flowers. Thus, Rose-Mary Day was born—a day dedicated to celebrating Mary’s remarkable life and honoring her enduring legacy of kindness. On May 6-7th, 200 people gathered, laden with flowers, to pay tribute to the woman whose heart knew no bounds.

Mary’s oldest son, Charles Alloy, aptly described her as “the spice of life for everyone.” Rose-Mary Day embodied the essence of her spirit. The overwhelming turnout on Rose-Mary Day was a testament to the love and admiration that radiated from every corner of the community.

Mary’s children said, “All we can say is wow. With each smiling face of man, woman, and child walking up our mother’s driveway ready to honor her with a bouquet in their hands, the process of grieving became a little lighter. This overwhelming feeling of joy took over us like a sweeping whirlwind lifting our spirits. We can’t thank the community enough. We are so grateful for this one-of-a-kind event, honoring our one-of-a-kind mother.”

As we mourn the loss of our dear friend Mary, we know we will never forget her. Mary’s impact on our lives was immeasurable, and the spirit of kindness she embodied will continue to inspire us. Rest in peace, dear Mary Alloy, knowing that you have left an indelible mark on the world and that your memory will forever be cherished.

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