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A Community Art Studio: Nickel City Wax & Wane

Nickel City Wax & Wane in Buffalo is a friendly community art studio in which people from all walks of life can experience art and explore their creative side. Studio owner, artist, and instructor Jennifer Barton has been involved in artistic endeavors for several years. Jennifer was the program coordinator for a residential program for seven years, providing artistic enrichment for underserved populations, a cause still very close to her heart today.

Jennifer Barton continues to offer adaptive art and creative art at Wax & Wane. Once a week, she also opens Wax & Wane to children for three hours, charging only $7 apiece so that they can simply create. She also welcomes homeschool groups. “This is about person-centered thinking,” said Jennifer. “At Wax & Wane, we are here to support you.”

New and experienced artists alike can reserve an artisanal space at Wax & Wane for a very affordable $35 an hour. The space comes furnished with tables and chairs as well as water, coffee, and hot tea for guests. Students are welcome