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Meet ROC the Dogs Rescue

Formerly known as Nuts for Mutts, ROC the Dogs Rescue, Inc. was established in 2019 by Amanda Hanes. An animal lover and rescuer herself, Amanda took over the nonprofit organization three years ago to organically grow the rescue and reorganization the nonprofit. With the help of her family, Amanda transformed Nuts for Mutts into the very successful ROC the Dogs Rescue, Inc.

On a Mission

ROC the Dogs Rescue, Inc.’s purpose is to rescue abandoned, surrendered, stray, abused, and/or neglected domesticated animals and to provide them with medical care and sanctuary with the goal of helping them find their forever homes. The nonprofit organization also seeks to educate the public on the plight of homeless animals in their communities, the benefits of adoption, the importance of spaying and neutering, and proper care of their pets.

ROC the Dogs Rescue, Inc. rescues dogs, cats, and other small animals. The entire organization is run by a group of very dedicated board members and volunteers. In fact, Amanda believes the organization wouldn’t be where it is today without its family base. Her entire family is involved, and her husband and daughter also participate as board members. “You can’t be successful here without all hands on deck!” says Amanda.

From a medical standpoint, this statement couldn’t be more accurate. ROC the Dogs prides itself on its ability to take complex cases, and, with their solid group of volunteers, transport those cats and dogs to necessary health appointments. They also have the tools to meet the needs of dogs and cats with complex wellness issues, such as the expensive incubator for kitten season which the nonprofit recently purchased!

ROC the Dogs currently has five dogs in rescue. One dog named Brooklyn has a congenital defect; it could have been deadly, but the canine was blessed with the best-case scenario. Thanks to the nonprofit’s dedication to beating this pup’s many obstacles by conducting research, seeking many medical opinions, and going through intensive physical therapy, Brooklyn is now active, happy, and will be ready for adoption soon!

Facing the Challenge of Rescue Animal Socialization

Socialization is very different and needs to be strategized for rescue animals. Dog parks don’t exactly coincide with rescue organizations, so ROC the Dogs Rescue, Inc. has a fenced-in backyard, works with trainers, and hosts structured meet-and-greets between animals. This is very important for the safety of the animals as well as the humans involved. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys taking her own pet dogs for nature hikes at Black Creek Park in Chili as well as Mendon Ponds Park.

A Growing Venture

ROC the Dogs Rescue, Inc. is small but mighty with a fantastic group of dedicated volunteers and board members! With their hard work, the organization has grown by 200% since Amanda took over in 2019. One key element, a social media presence, didn’t exist until Amanda joined them. Now, that presence helps the organization get more donations and shares profiles of cats and dogs ready for adoption.

Several great partnerships also benefit ROC the Dogs. The nonprofit works with other organizations to get cats adopted. They’ve enhanced their networking efforts so more businesses and organizations are aware of the nonprofit’s mission in the Rochester area and can offer support.

Inspired by Rochester

Growing up in Rochester, Amanda has seen firsthand the significant needs of dogs and cats in the area. Although she didn’t have cats and dogs growing up, she has been an avid animal lover all her life. The minute she moved out on her own, she knew she wanted cats and dogs in her life. At age 18, Amanda started rescuing and adopting her own pets. Loyal to Rochester and its surrounding counties, ROC the Dogs focuses on local animals and doesn’t transport them in from out-of-state.

Our "Core" Team

A shout out to the “Core” Team at ROC the Dogs Rescue, Inc.

Board Members:

Amanda Hanes - President

Michael Anello - Vice President

Tayler Jusko - Board Member; Groomer; Amanda’s daughter

Nicole Rongo Sheehan - Board Member

Julie Neville - Secretary & Rescue Foster Parent

Rebecca Gollaher - Intake Coordinator; Marketing & Rescue

Dedicated Help:

Lindsey Selleck - Social Media & Website

Karen Schuler - Absolute rockstar that helps in any way possible! Karen transports a lot of our animals to medical appointments and volunteers for many rescues.

How You Can Help!

Please consider donating your time and money! ROC the Dogs Rescue, Inc. is in need of fosters for both dogs and cats. Learn more at