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Make Personality the Focal Point of your Centerpieces with The February Fox, Sarabeth McElhaney

There’s something special about gathering around the table during the holiday season. The mood feels lighter, warmer, as we come together with the promise of good food and even better spirits. We pass the time with laughs and laden dishes—some of which are staples, and others bearing witness to someone trying a new recipe for the first time.

In the middle of it all, at the heart of our tables is the centerpiece, whether it’s eye-catching glass bulbs that reflect the light, crystal pieces passed down through the generations, or decorative family heirlooms which would be innocuous to anyone else. Our centerpieces are special, if not always recognized as such. Each tells a story in its own way of the house around them and the families who make it a home.

Home is where the heart is—it isn’t just a cliché. Home is where we gather, making four walls ours. Interior designer Sarabeth McElhaney helps encapsulate that. The mother of two (Fox, 6, and Charlie, 2) works closely with her clients to highlight and promote functionality in their homes, putting a creative twist on décor we may often overlook or on the usuals to which we default.