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Local Dream Home

Built in 1847, this home wasn’t functional for a local family of 6. With so much time spent at home, they needed a fresh start. Working with trusted professionals, Shawna and her family set out to create their dream space. She shared her favorite home updates, top tips, and ideas for people looking to remodel with Home Publications.

Upgraded Appliances Shawna also recommends going for the big pieces you’ve always wanted. “Originally we weren’t going to do the microwave drawer; it was a little pricey for what it is, but we did, and I love it,” she says. “I really wanted a dual-zone beverage center. The kids can store their Capri Suns; my husband, his beer; and myself, my favorite wine. This way, it doesn’t take up space in the fridge,” she tells us while showing her French door beverage center built into her kitchen island. “Getting things out of the fridge like cans, seltzers, wine bottles and juice frees up space in there.” Mix Old with New Although they opted to get rid of their kitchen table that didn’t fit their family comfortably, they have some unique antique pieces around their house. From the barn beam fireplace mantle to Shawna’s old dresser as storage in their living room, mixing the old pieces with new ones brings new life into their space. Do what you love When asked why she picked the green theme, she said “Green is my favorite color.” And after all, what other reason is there to do something aside from it being something you love?

No Clutter “I do much less fussing at the kids now that the remodel is done,” Shawna says. Everything has a space to go and they planned for that when doing their remodel– even a brush in the landing zone to brush their kids’ hair while eating breakfast. It’s a necessity for a family with daughters. Each child has their own “dumping” space where they can quickly place their coats, shoes, and backpack. Create Zones The zone method is used to divide the kitchen layout by function and to provide you with everything needed for a specific task. Shawna said, “Everything now has its own area: the breakfast drawer, the table setting cabinets, baking/cooking zones, and dog supply drawer.” Our personal favorite was their AM & PM cupboards. (AM was filled with coffee, teas, and mugs, whereas PM displayed stemware, beer mugs and their favorite spirits!)

Top Tip

Shawna’s top tip is to live in the house first. Her family remodeled their house for the first time in 2008. Once their family grew and they had lived in it, they realized how nonfunctional it was. “If you’re planning on having kids, have a toy room. Otherwise, expect that the toys will be all over the place,” she says. “Later, you can change it into a spare bedroom or an office.”


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