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High Quality Restoration: Expertise You Need; Results you Trust

Now is the time to call High Quality Restoration. HQR is your full-service, fully licensed and certified, residential and commercial restoration company. Specializing in flood, fire, mold, and storm disasters, HQR is on-call 24/7, ready to assist you no matter when disaster strikes. With HQR, you do not have to navigate an emergency alone. Bringing more than 40 years’ combined experience to your situation, Ryan Pyles (owner), Ron Raimondi (relationship manager), and Chris Astudillo (operations manager) can help you move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Never more than a phone call away, HQR has exactly the experts you need when facing the very specific types of loss which can impact your home or business. Combining vast knowledge, experience, and passion with their uncompromising commitment to you means that you can confidently trust HQR to get the job done right. “There is nothing more fulfilling that leaving a customer in a better situation than before the disaster happened. It’s the foundation of our company and our promise to you.”

HQR professionals have assisted with disasters and emergencies across New York and out-of-state. From Florida and the Carolinas to Louisiana, Texas, and beyond, HQR has worked at ground zero on some of the largest storm projects in the wake of recent hurricanes. With more and more people looking to HQR when facing an emergency, the company doubled its labor and transportation force last year alone.

Disasters come in all sizes and severities. No matter what you are facing, you can rest assured that with HQR, you are in the best hands possible. Our employees maintain the highest standards for professionalism, integrity, and courtesy while handling every claim throughout their entire career. HQR’s strong relationships with insurance carriers and adjusters throughout the Rochester area makes your entire claims process smoother and easier, alleviating so much stress.

A loss at your home or business may catch you unawares, but it doesn’t have to find you unprepared. Make HQR the first call in your disaster plan so that your life can return to normal as soon as possible.

  1. Safety first. Make sure everyone on the property is safe. The well-being of everyone involved is always paramount.

  2. Call HQR, your trusted restoration company. Fully licensed and certified HQR is available day and night, 24/7, to address any disaster which may come your way.

  3. Assess damages and scope of work to the property. Stop the spread of secondary damage and examine the damage to your property.

  4. Call your insurance company. Notify your insurance company of the damage and loss to your property.

  5. Have your life restored. HQR will help you return to your everyday life completely and efficiently.