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Handcrafted. Local. Quality.

What if you could combine renowned Amish builders with one of interior design’s most innovative teams? Reimagine a kitchen that is completely, effortlessly you: A dream kitchen handcrafted using high quality wood from local lumber mills. Amish Kitchen Gallery has made this fantasy a reality.

For 13 years, Amish Kitchen Gallery (AKG) founder Ryan McKeever has united custom hand-built Amish cabinetry, award-winning designers, and beautiful kiln-dried wood varieties to craft unique furniture pieces for the room at the heart of any home: the kitchen. “You are only as good as the team around you. We have the best designers and installers in the business who work with our exclusive Amish builders to infuse our furniture with that old-world craftsmanship and quality.”

From craftsman and lumber sources to customers to its exceptional installation team and designers, local families are at the center of everything AKG does. Company Manager & Lead Designer Brittany Lips agrees. “After I came to work for Amish Kitchen Gallery almost 8 years ago, I had my first daughter. They made it possible for me to work on a flexible schedule. Now, with two daughters, I appreciate how family-oriented we are even more.” AKG is proud to support area families—which also results in a low environmental impact—throughout its entire process.

Completely customer-oriented, AKG provides a full-service experience, including remodel inspiration, concept development and design, space solutions, photorealistic renderings, material sourcing, and expert installation. Customers browse a wide variety of finishes and styles, customizing details to suit space, function, and taste. The result is a breathtaking balance of function and beauty.

A recent kitchen remodel has truly captured this vision, featuring several different angles, exquisitely curved cabinets, brass details, molding, and custom builds reminiscent of found pieces. The unusual kitchen space—which included a removed wall and evolution from formal dining room to eat-in kitchen—made the project uniquely challenging. “This was a great project that definitely pushed the clients’ vision outside of the box!”

The husband had grown up in this home, so the couple wanted to hold true to some of its traditional elements such as brickwork. At the same time, they wanted to modernize the look and make it their own. The flooring we selected was for the entire first floor, so it was important to make sure our design worked well with it. Our approach, as always, was holistic, considering and coordinating everything: tilework, backsplash, fixtures, and cabinets, the foundation from which everything is built.

Founder Ryan McKeever and Company Manager Brittany Lips share some of the standout features in their latest kitchen remodel!

One of my favorite pieces just has to be the tall side-by-side pantry cabinets! The pantry rollouts close behind elegantly curved doors with the curved face frames, accented with antique style cremone bolts.

. . .

The sink base is made out of wood to look like a found furniture piece! Using an apron front farm sink on a base with curved legs, we chose a stained hickory cabinet with a matte black finish for the sink and hardware, because black will always be timeless.

. . .

The bar area was quite the highlight with its island and many cabinets! We created an entire bar space, complete with custom pullouts, a drink preparation area, bar sink, beverage fridge, liquor bottle pullouts, tongue and groove upper cabinets with back detailing, a bookcase, and coffee bar area. We questioned everything, always pushing a step further.

. . .

We did not want to use solid door panels near the stove, so we incorporated brass mesh. This instantly lifted the cabinets. Features like cabinets and countertops will last for years, so it is important to add visual interest.

. . .

Contractors unexpectedly found a wall that needed to remain, so we customized around it. You cannot even tell it is there! Our installers, Matt and Corey, are fantastic problem solvers, and much would not be possible without them. We highly recommend allowing us to install our custom pieces to ensure they are handled with the necessary finesse and attention to detail.

4327 South Buffalo St., Orchard Park | 716.508.8934

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