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Giving a Brand New Twist to Home for the Holidays

Move over Chip and Joanna Gaines! There’s a new girl in town. Buffalo native Ashley Huber is putting her own twists on typical holiday decorating traditions. Featuring a mix of DIY and personal flair, her social media is bursting with her inspiring holiday style. We sat down with Ashley for some insight on how she goes about her process just in time for the season!

How would you describe your holiday décor? Definitely similar to my every day which is cozy, inviting, and warm! I love all things vintage, so I like to play with that in my Christmas décor, as well. My holiday is like every other day, and I like my guests to feel welcome as soon as they walk in the door. _____

Does it change year-to-year? Yes and no. Every year, I try to add some new elements, and in the past, I’ve tried out a few different themes. For the most part, I find myself coming back to a classic cottage style Christmas. I start out using a neutral palette and go from there, but I always bring in touches of traditional red and fresh greenery. _____

When do you start decorating? Before, I would wait until after Thanksgiving, but as of late, I’ve been starting in mid-November. I like Christmas to feel like more than a one-month season, and we’ve really enjoyed the cozy lights during our turkey dinner! Every year, I start with the tree in our living room, since it sets the tone for the season and gives me a direction for the way I want to decorate the rest of the house. _____

Is there any part of decorating that has any special meaning to you, or do you have any traditions? In the other rooms, I’ll put up smaller trees so that there’s one in each window. On one of those trees, I have a collection of angel ornaments that I always use. Those are really special to me because my mom has given me a new one each year since I was five years old. That tradition is one I look forward to every year! _____

Do you get the family involved? Yes! My husband loves Christmas time as well, and it is always helpful with the decorating. He focuses on some of our outdoor décor while I work on the inside, but we always decorate the tree together. It’s our holiday tradition. _____

What inspires you? How would you describe the feeling you get while decorating? I get inspired every Christmas season while I’m decorating, and it’s always because of the feeling I’ve created in our home to make it cozy and warm. I love to put on some Christmas music, light a candle, and deck the halls—literally! My husband and I always devote a whole day to decorating, so by the time the sun sets, we can sit back and enjoy the glow of the twinkle lights. To me, it’s always such a great feeling, and it really sets the tone for not only the rest of winter, but also how I want the house to feel even after Christmas is over. _____

Do you have anything you would consider your favorite part of decorating? The nostalgia of some of the vintage pieces I use always make me happy, and I love the feeling of creating a cozy space. Your home is your haven, and it should always feel good to be there.

You can check out some more of Ashley's decorating styles and DIY projects at:


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