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Financial Well-Being that Lasts a Lifetime

Most people rate finances as a top priority, but few seek expert advice from a financial advisor. Many of them think if they do not earn a six-figure income or have significant savings, they don’t need an advisor. Others believe being part-time, in debt, or late in saving for retirement rules them out. The truth is everyone has a financial future; Equitable Advisors can help that future be the best it can be.

Why should I meet with a financial advisor?

Michael: Many people are (hopefully) saving for things like retirement, but there is little strategy to it. They aren’t sure where to invest or which investment vehicles to choose. They have financial goals for the future, but they aren’t sure how to reach them. We help them figure out, and then implement a specific investment strategy to help them reach those goals.

Stefan: We help people plan. There are things they can do which can have a very positive impact on what their financial future looks like no matter if they are 15 or 55. We find people are often worried to meet because they are afraid they have not done enough or that they are too far behind financially. Time is one of the biggest factors in investment, so the best thing they can do is sit down with us as soon as possible so we can help them figure things out.

What advice and benefits can I expect?

Stefan: As advisors, we help people plan holistically. We want to know about them, who they are, where they come from, what they are doing today, what is important to them, and what their goals are, to start. Do they want to have 2, 3, 4 kids, take a trip to Bermuda every year, work after they retire? What are the objectives they have for their money? Every single person is different, and that is what keeps our job exciting. With strategies and careful planning, we help people plan for their children’s education, for passing their wealth to future generations, for ensuring their retirement funds last a lifetime, and more.

Michael: We don’t simply work with them once. Financial goals and circumstances evolve, so we are with our clients from start to finish. We develop a relationship with them, helping them figure out how to work through life’s changes. We calculate clients’ spend rates and compare them to their future income and assets, tying everything together to determine how to protect it and make it stretch as far as possible.

Will there be options for my situation?

Stefan: Michael and I are local, blue-collar men with families helping out other blue-collar families as well as people from a wide variety of backgrounds. We know many of our clients are trying to send their kids to college and take care of their loved ones just like we are. We’re here to help them figure out how to do that. That’s what is important to us. We help a lot of people who are teachers, truck drivers, warehouse workers, welders—people you may not intuitively think of when you think of people in need of financial services, but they do. We want to see all our clients grow and reach their goals.

We are here to help everyone with several options and investment blends. These are uniquely tailored to each individual to better fit each unique situation. No matter what our clients choose, at the end of the day, we shake hands and are still friends.

Michael: Our goal is to educate our clients about what options we feel would benefit them the most. We explain the options we see as well as the pros and cons of each so that our clients know what they are choosing and why. Our goal is to present the effective options for our clients and their financial futures, yet the choice is always theirs.

Do you charge a fee to meet?

Michael: It is rare for financial advisors to charge a fee up front. There is no upfront fee or obligation to meet with us to see how we can help.

Stefan: There is no fee to meet with us, and no obligation. Whether you make $1 or $1 million, we are here to help you and will treat you like family. We are very transparent about our compensation which comes from the business we place. The majority of the people we work with are blue-collar individuals who want us to look over their situation, and several of our plans are specifically tailored to them. You don’t have to be a CEO or high-income earner to plan for your financial future. All it costs is one hour of your time.


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