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Faith. Family. Fixing Roofs.

There is a positive energy in the air you can feel when you walk into Stellar Roofing. This energy continues with managing partners, Daniel Shumway and Matthew Hebert. Matthew and Dan bring to the table all the youthful enthusiasm of a company seasoned with their 40+ years of combined experience. From asphalt shingles to durable metal roofs, Stellar Roofing does it all and does it well.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance with Matthew and Dan describing Stellar Roofing as a “customer first” company operating on the Golden Rule. “We treat every roof as if it were over our own home,” said Dan. “We think, ‘What if I felt this way about my house?’ and do our best to make all of our customer families happy.” For Matthew and Dan, helping families work with insurance is a priority. Matthew is a licensed public adjuster and an insurance damage appraiser, making his knowledge of insurance claims unparalleled in the industry. Assisting each customer who needs a new, durable, beautiful roof is truly a labor of wisdom and love.

“It is a huge blessing to help a family get a new roof,” said Dan. “Matthew and I work very well with insurance to assist families in covering the cost of the new roof they need. One of our clients had the elements pouring in her roof, yet her insurance was denying her claim. We came in and were able to get her insurance to cover the entire cost of the roof she so desperately needed. Everyone needs a roof; it is non-negotiable.”