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Explore with Sarah C Travels

Buffalo Travel Bloggers, Sarah and Matt Carson have been traveling ever since they first met. Throughout their relationship and during the early years of their marriage, Sarah and Matt traveled all over the world, exploring many countries and enjoying new experiences. Then, they happily welcomed their first baby and soon found themselves needing to adapt. We caught up with them to talk trips and tips when traveling with children!

Sarah and her family in Paris, France

The places you have been are incredible! How did you first become interested in travel?

SC: When we were first married, we had a passion in us to travel. Thinking back to which trip gave us the “travel bug,” I believe it was a trip to Florida we planned one winter. The airline we had booked with went under, but we still both had the time off. We scrambled to find last minute flights, and Matt realized it was the same price to go to London. This was the perfect opportunity to go, so we just went!

MC: The best way to get over the fear of traveling out of the country is to simply do it! Sarah and I both came from different upbringings. My family never traveled internationally, whereas her family, her grandmother in particular, had been everywhere! I had always wanted to travel more, and she had the go-ahead and family buy-in, which is important. Things just came together!

Wow, London! How did that trip influence future journeys?

SC: We realized that London had the same essentials as here. All places do, and it didn’t have the language barrier, although it is true many other countries also speak English.

MC: After London, I don’t think we even considered traveling in the States anymore. We kept going to more and “harder” places until we realized we could do this. We took advantage of every opportunity to get away and travel outside of the country.

Sarah at Lake Hoyt, Buffalo

How did travel change for you when your first baby came along?

SC: Actually, not much changed for about the first year. You can put your baby in a stroller and still visit restaurants and cafés, and walk around the city. In fact, a stroller holds your water bottle, your purse, and is a good way to keep your younger kids safely contained. When our third child, our daughter, was born, we brought her along to Paris, and it was better! Having her along, we were moved to the front of the line at airports, museums, and other attractions. It was so easy. She just slept all day. Although there was that one time at a Michelin star restaurant…

MC: Dylan, our 6-year-old, is a little more vocal. We still want to wander around a city, but we also need to find playgrounds for him. We rent cars a lot more often too because a car can function as a home base where your kids can eat, sleep, and get changed. Food can also be a challenge. We went to Japan, and I think that was Dylan’s favorite trip because he had McDonald's almost every day!

"Trips are great opportunities to focus completely on our children."
All 3 kids and Sarah in New Orleans

So, why make the extra effort?

SC: Trips are great opportunities to focus completely on our children. We have noticed their vocabulary increased during trips, too. I feel it is good for kids to get out of their little bubble. In 2019, we were in Columbia. We ventured out a little more than most people, and we drove through some very oppressed, poverty-stricken areas. It was eye-opening to us, and our kids asked a lot of questions.

MC: Our kids saw how blessed they are. They are learning empathy and understanding. On this trip, we also brought along a tiny wheelchair made by Bella’s Bumbas of Webster. At the airport in Columbia, we met up with a little girl named Isabella and her family. They were so happy. It was the sweetest thing for us to experience with our kids.

What is one piece of advice that you can give to parents traveling with kids?

SC: It has been good for me as a person; I’ve become much more patient and flexible. Similarly, it is also good for the kids to learn to go with the flow. It is fun to be flexible. Travel is an exciting adventure!

MC: You have to adjust your expectations. Before kids, we would make plans and feel as though we had to accomplish those things for our trip to be worth it. No