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Explore Rochester with Around.Town.Brown

Shanell of Around.Town.Brown has always loved getting in touch with culture, finding new places to eat, and discovering the history related to where she lives and wherever she travels! When the pandemic hit, she found herself with more time to develop that hobby and began sharing all of the amazing places to go and things to do locally!

Well, my last name is Brown, and I wanted something less touristy travel and more get-out-and-about-your-town. Plus, it has a great sound!

Cobbs Hill Park has a beautiful water display and some incredible views as does the Promenade walkway along the Genesee River off of Main Street. I love the brewhouse near Pont de Rennes Bridge for its spectacular view of the falls and city. Want another perspective? Check out Hattie’s

Cocktail Bar on the rooftop of The Strathallan for a

wonderful cityscape view!

Native Restaurant has a fun atmosphere, delicious food, and beautiful patio with doors that open into the main dining area, right in the heart of Rochester. Revelry on University Ave features a pretty pagoda with wisteria wrapped around it as well as great food and cocktails. Blue Barn Cidery, which is actually in Hilton, offers a picnic style patio where you can get drinks and food and sit down in the big open back yard.

Brown’s Race Historic District is probably one of my favorite Rochester districts with its cobblestone streets and the Pont de Rennes Bridge across from the Genesee Brew House. I enjoy going there and looking at the companies, older buildings, the bridge…there is so much to take in. I would love to work there just so I could walk around it every day!

At the George Eastman House, I learned Eastman had built-in piping that was hooked up to his organ so that the sound of his playing

would radiate through the entire house!

The weather has grown warmer, and I am going to explore some areas for warm weather activities. I have a list of hiking spots, and I am hoping to get to explore some outdoorsy spots around Rochester. Going to a few places last year has made me want to get out and explore more new places this year, too!

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